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Drone will track the health of pesticides by 10 times faster.


  • IGR Madras students prepare Agrakopter Drone
  • This will save the farmers and workers from the ill effects of toxic chemicals.

Happy Life Desk Spraying of pesticides on crops can now be done from the drone. The students of IIT Madras have made such a drone that 10 times faster pesticide can be sprayed than manual. It has been named the agrilater. The cameras in the agro-cameras will also be monitored for crop health.

15-liter insecticide carrying capacity

  1. According to researchers from the Center for Innovation at IIT Madras, people’s health is affected by the spraying of manual insecticides. This drone has been developed to stop the bad effects of toxic chemicals on farmers and laborers.

  2. According to Rishabh Verma, aerospace engineering student, the state-of the art multiplexal imaging camera in the drone helps in making a smart map of the crop based on crop health. Automatic pesticide refilling system has been installed in it ensures that the pesticides spraying will be done continuously.

  3. Researchers preparing the agrochemicals have also applied for its patent. It has cost Rs 5.1 lakh in preparation of this. According to Kailash, a student of aerospace engineering, this is an agrochemical drone with the capacity to carry 15 liters of insecticide. Its aim is to spray the pesticide 10 times faster and 100 per cent steak at the cost of manual spraying.

  4. The team of researchers also won the award for the Indian Innovation Growth Program for the aggregator. This program was organized last month in IIT Bombay. 10 lakh rupees were given to the team as a prize.

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