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EC major eBay, considering NFT market and virtual currency payment


eBay, Cryptocurrency Service Consideration

E-commerce eBay CEO Jamie Iannone said yesterday that he is considering offering crypto asset (cryptocurrency) payments and NFT (non-fungible token) trading platforms. I mentioned it when talking about the business in an interview with CNBC.

eBay is an e-commerce site that has been popular since the dawn of the Internet. It is also a NASDAQ listed company and boasts the largest number of users in the world as an internet auction site.

In addition to the introduced Apple Pay and Google Pay, he explained that he will continue to consider options such as virtual currency. There are already cases where Bitcoin and other transactions are conducted on eBay, but it has not been introduced as a formal payment method.

In addition, since he is also involved in the collectable area as an EC site, he showed his stance to reduce friction in NFT transactions. Iannone pointed out that although some NFT sales are already done on eBay, there are cases where actual transactions are done off-site.

He said he wanted to enable all transactions on the eBay site alone, and commented on NFTs as follows:

I want to explore opportunities and make it possible to sell on ebay in an easy way.

eBay was a member of the Libra Foundation in the past, but announced its withdrawal in October 2019 due to concerns over regulatory compliance. In addition, there is a history of suggesting the possibility of introducing virtual currency settlement in 2014 and the dawn of virtual currency.


Author: Noah Sakamaki
Reference: CNBC

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“Cryptocurrency” means “cryptographic assets”

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