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EDAG CityBot: Experience Smart Mobility with this hyperactive vehicle; world premiere in 2 hours


IOTA is ranked at #19 to the north of Chainlink in the market. The trading volume recorded is $3.327 million, while the supply has 2,779,530,283 MIOTA coins in play for now. As of this instant, the total market cap of IOTA is $660.095 million. Currently, MIOTA is priced at $0.237485, with a drop rate of 0.82% noted in the course of the past 24-hours.

IOTA and EDAG have a key partnership which has helped them scale new heights. After a few hours today, the EDAG CityBot shall be unveiled. IOTA and EDAG’s collaboration stems from the fact that IOTA transactions are free [due to the absence of fees associated with it; a unique feature tied to the workings of The Tangle].

Micro-transfers will aid in the allocation of rewards. A while back, Jaguar Land Rover and the IOTA Foundation inaugurated the Smart Wallet, which brings in a new era of revamped navigation on roads. Common benefits include rerouting [in case one is immersed in heavy traffic], security, and passing information to other drivers on similar paths regarding obstacles of various kinds.

This would be incredibly useful in situations such as an untimely accident. The Future of Mobility is finally here! Take a look at this breathtaking video; it reminds me of the set-up displayed in I, Robot:

The CityBot uses fuel cell technology to bring about a seamless experience for the user. The efficiency of the nascent model is also higher in comparison to a car loaded with an electric battery. Johannes Barckmann is the EDAG CityBot Concept & Product Owner who can provide you more information pertaining to this vehicle. This brings IOTA one step closer to their brilliant goal of establishing Smart Cities.

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