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Edward Snowden points out the mysterious BTC prophecy


While the crypto market witnessed a meteoric recovery, a prophecy of BTC’s future price became popular with the Bitcoin community. Edward Snowden is the last to draw attention to the anonymous analyst’s Bitcoin prophecy.

Edward Snowden points to an anonymous analyst’s target for Bitcoin

In January, in an anonymous article published on the 4chan (internet site) forum, the user predicted BTC’s price movements until November. The first two projections of the anonymous analyst took place correctly. The analyst predicted that Bitcoin would be at least $5,300 in April and $9,200 by July. Now there is little time left for the third prediction to come true. BTC is running out of time for the anonymous analyst to reach its October target of $16,000, but there are no experts and analysts who believe he will achieve it.

Shortly after it became viral on Reddit, former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent and National Security Agency (NSA) informer Edward Snowden tweeted an image of the above article, and the anonymous analyst’s Bitcoin estimate became viral on its own. Edward Snowden drew attention to the $16,000, which is the October target for the anonymous Bitcoin analyst. Snowden has long been known as an advocate for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Edward Snowden prefers privacy-oriented crypto coins

Edward Snowden made the NSA leak, which is much discussed with the servers he paid for using Bitcoin. Edward Snowden also said he prefers confidentiality-oriented crypto coins in his earlier statements.

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