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EMURGO joins NTT Docomo’s 5G Open Partner Program; Dolomite DEX expands

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EMURGO is essentially the commercial arm of Cardano [The Cardano Foundation, EMURGO, and IOHK are three organizations that focus on the development, partnerships, and spreading awareness]. A few days back, the Global Social Media Manager of EMURGO reported [via Reddit] that the aforementioned agency has successfully joined NTT Docomo’s 5G Open Partner Program; an initiative which kicked-off recently.

NTT Docomo has a remarkable presence in Japan and continues to expand throughout Asia. They were in-charge of Docomo in India [before TATA took over and the Airtel acquisition]. Now, NTT Docomo has initiated a 5G workshop which would include other companies pursuing a similar goal i.e. sharing resources with regards to next-gen 5G networks.

EMURGO’s involvement would introduce it to the benefits offered by the revolutionizing 5G technology [features such as high transmission speed, greater bandwidth capacity, staying connected to numerous terminals, and so on]. Plus, Cardano may also receive a boost as a result of this deal, as Japanese citizens will gradually get accustomed to $ADA and its applications.

Dolomite DEX is a decentralized exchange not linked to any particular custodian. From tomorrow, margin trading with stop-loss orders will kick-off. The Loopring protocol upholds the entire exchange, whereas margin trading will be formulated on dYdX.

Long positions for up to 5x leverage and short positions for up to 4x leverage will be offered for now. The CEO of this exchange Corey Caplan recently stated that the implementation of the dYdX protocol brings in several advantages, such as catching trade volume from customers at opening/closing positions, and so on.

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