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Entrepreneur who invested in Atlas Quantum, BWA and Zero10 lost more than R $ 250 thousand


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“Old-fashion scammers dressed as startups”. It was in this way that publicist Rodrigo Righetti defined the owners of companies that use the cryptocurrency market to apply scams in Brazil. In Atlas alone, he claims to have R $ 170 thousand locked up.

Righetti, who is a partner in an advertising agency in the Alphaville neighborhood, in Barueri (SP), is among the victims of Rodrigo Marques' quantum robot, of Paulo Bilibio's illusory 3% monthly earnings and Zero10 Club, current Genbit, by Nivaldo Gonzaga.

These three scams managed to make thousands of victims in Brazil with losses in the billions of reais – in other cases, such as Unick Forex, Indeal and Negociecoins, of the Bitcoin Banco Group. In all of them, there is in common the use of Bitcoin as bait.

Without much experience, Righetti bet on these companies last year and told how the outcome was. For him, exposing his case will help people not to go through what he has already gone through.

“I don't judge who's afraid or ashamed to expose themselves, but I think I'm contributing in some way to my country. Who knows, when reading my story, other people may not do the same? ”

R $ 170 thousand in Atlas

According to the businessman, his interest in seeing a new market started in 2017, when he saw a friend migrate from the same branch as him to the cryptocurrency niche.

In the following year, he started to study and do small operations to learn. Some time passed and they presented him with the arbitration.

"It was in 2019, through friends, that I met this arbitration and decided to test it".

Today, according to the portfolio shared with the report, Atlas owes Righetti about R $ 170 thousand – 3.5 BTC and US $ 4.5 thousand.

In the income history, its average daily gain last year was 0.14%, which amounted to 3.07% per month or 63.16% in the year.

Investment in BWA was greater than Atlas

The businessman also revealed a balance of more than R $ 60 thousand at Alpen Global (another name of BWA).

However, in this business, he ended up giving "luck", because his investment in the company was R $ 358 thousand. This after a friend's recommendation and a direct meeting at the BWA office in Santos (SP).

The “luck” was because he urgently needed a withdrawal of R $ 300 thousand and the company did – R $ 200 thousand on October 14 and R $ 100 thousand two days later.

Although it took 15 days to receive, certainly the company released the amounts to give credibility to Righetti and him to invest again, contributing even more amounts. The tactic is common in scams.

Asked by the report on why he thought he was falling for the blows, he spared no words:

“First because I was muggle. Second because I was greedy. Third, because I know other people who also had much higher figures than mine on these platforms, ”he said.

According to the businessman, he knows people who have values ​​in the order of millions locked up and who have the same chance as him to receive. "Zero", he stressed.

Applied at Zero10 Club

Regarding his investment in Zero10 Club, Righetti said that his investment in the platform was R $ 26,500 and he even made four monthly withdrawals around R $ 3,800.00. In September, he said, the loot did not enter.

When he complained, he was faced with an option imposed by the company – the exchange of the balance for a cryptocurrency that could be used to purchase products.

Atlas and BWA lawsuits

"I hope for better days and for me it is an obligation not only to go to court, but also to expose my case," said Righetti. The publicist stated that he has already filed a criminal case against BWA and that he will file two lawsuits against Atlas; criminal and civil.

“I have no hope of receiving the money, but they have to pay for what they have done. Or to prove that it was not a crime, after all, it is their right ”, he said.

However, it is not about the company's due value that bothers him, but the fact that he has presented the business to other people.

"What is really bothering me is that I introduced BWA to friends," said the businessman who said he had taken the risk of putting a 25-year career in the trash.

"Thank God that didn't happen," he commented.

"Someone had to exhibit"

With the exposure of his case, Righetti believes that it will help many people not to go through what he went through. "Someone had to exhibit," he said.

“It 'strikes me' A LOT 'of attention that they all‘ bugged ’around the same time, that is, between August and September, and right after the fall of Bitcoin Banco. This leads me to a thought that it was all a much bigger scheme than we thought where everyone was connected. It may seem like a freak of mine, but I already talked about it with some people and many thought it makes sense ”, he concluded.

Pyramids in Brazil

All the companies cited by the businessman became a case of Justice.

Gensa, responsible for Zero10Club, is the target of an action by the Bankruptcy Prosecutor's Office of the São Paulo Public Ministry (MPSP) in the amount of R $ 1 billion.

BWA responds to more than 100 cases in the São Paulo Court alone. His office in Santos is on the fly and practically unfurnished, in addition to the threat of eviction.

Finally, Atlas Quantum practically does not exist anymore – it came into the sights of the CVM (Securities and Exchange Commission), responds to lawsuits in São Paulo and became the subject of a future CPI (Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry) that is awaiting approval to be installed in the Chamber of Deputies.

Research released last December by the SPC points out that fraudulent financial schemes affected one in ten Brazilians. Pyramids account for more than half of them (55%).

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