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EOS and Bitcoin {BTC} have grown immensely in 2019; Haskell programmer and professor at Kent interviewed


Bitcoin has a dominance rate of almost 69% in the market. As the world’s maiden cryptocurrency, the king coin has seen the maximum growth in terms of adoption. The governments across the world are essentially afraid of Bitcoin, as it is bound to rise in the face of collapsing economies.

At first, BTC was priced at less than a dollar. The journey to being the most valued digital asset has been filled with ups and downs [literally, referring to the volatility of the asset] and investors who previously denounced Bitcoin have begun to join the race.

Bitcoin employs a “first-generation blockchain network”. Due to this, it has faced problems related to scalability [know more about the birth of Bitcoin Cash], and concentration of mining pools in China [usage of the SHA-256 algorithm is problematic].

While these issues still plague the king coin, it has not slowed down mainstream adoption. EOS, on the other hand, was designed to compete against Ethereum. Transaction volume has surged over the course of time, particularly since the end of 2018.

High-speed contract execution is a key feature of the EOS network. They are also a leading name in the field of dApps [TRON plans to beat them in the market].

A programmer well-versed in Haskell and Erlang, Dr. Simon Thompson was interviewed by The Cardano Effect on YouTube. Simon, who is a researcher and a teacher at the University of Kent, talked about Marlowe, Plutus, Haskell and his role at IOHK, amongst various other things.

You can watch the whole episode right here:

Cardano is ranked at #13, below LEO and Stellar on coinmarketcap. The price of ADA dropped by 2.82% in the course of the past 24-hours. The trading volume recorded is $43.125 million, whereas the supply has 25,927,070,538 ADA coins involved for now. The total market cap of Cardano is $1.178 billion. At present, ADA is priced at $0.045466. 

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