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EOS dApps remain far ahead as daily-user count soars; Block.One to promote gender equality


EOS is ranked at #8 on coinmarketcap underneath Tether. The trading volume recorded is $1.512 billion, while the supply has 926,437,562 EOS tokens in play as of this moment. The total market cap of EOS is $3.863 billion. The price of EOS rests at $4.17, and it had plunged by 6.58% in a span of 24-hours.

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TRON keeps adding more dApps to their ecosystem in order to combat against EOS in the market. Although, the interest towards specific dApps in case of EOS are still higher in comparison to the popular games involved in the TRON network.

This news is strictly for EOSIO developers. Don’t forget to check it out:

EOS Studio is a Cross-Platform Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This is meant to be a solution to be primarily used for app construction. Phil Li, the CEO of Obsidian Labs talked about EOS Studio during a recent interview. He stated, “…by integrating numerous tools required in EOSIO into a graphical interface, EOS Studio can help developers improve their efficiency substantially throughout the entire app development process.”

Block.One had recently published an article talking about the growing interest of women in the field of blockchain technology.

TRON on the other hand, has been facing a ton of competition from Stellar and Cardano. Especially after the lunch date involving Warren Buffett and the founder Justin Sun was postponed. Many believe it has since been cancelled.

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