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EOS prices and transactions fall within a few days of the next fork

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The data and research company focused on blockchain and cryptocurrencies Brave New Coin presents a new analysis, this August 19, which highlights a downward trend in both the prices of the EOS cryptocurrency, as in transactions and activity of Decentralized applications within the network.

According to the publication, cryptocurrency exchange volumes have dropped dramatically in the last eight months, especially since the announcement of the launch of its new Voice social platform, on June 1, all in the framework of the next hard fork of the EOSIO blockchain, scheduled for September 23.

It is explained that the price has fallen by 84% since the historical maximum of April 2018, when it exceeded USD 21. According to the Brave New Coin table, the market capitalization of EOS is USD 3,720 million, with a trading volume of USD 824 million in the last 24 hours. The crypto active occupies the eighth place, under tether (USDT).

Similar to what CoinMarketCap statistics show, it is highlighted that the volume of EOS exchange in the last 24 hours has been led mainly by the tether pair (USD) and the bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) pairs, these represent a smaller but substantial percentage.

In that sense, the analysis reports that the EOS / USD and EOS / BTC pairs have fallen more than 60 %. This is despite the fact that the network has grown to more than 4 terabytes (TB) in the last year, with an estimated five-block producer (BP) running a complete archive node.

It adds that currently the total number of transactions per day in the chain of blocks of EOSIO, estimated at nearly 5 million, is declining. In the researchers’ opinion, this calculation can be exaggerated, since they think that the number of real transactions is possibly one-fifth of the 5 million reported. This taking into account that the costs of operations are free.

Transactions per day have essentially doubled since December 2018, probably related to the sustained activity of Dapps (decentralized applications). The average value of the transactions is USD 75, which is below the maximum of May, USD 38,000, which is probably also related to Dapp’s activity.

Brave New Coin.

To this is added the fact that the number of monthly active addresses (MAA) is estimated at 52,000. A decrease of more than 45% compared to January of this year when a maximum of almost 95,000 was achieved. However, the Brave New Coin team claims that although the MAA count is lower than in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Stellar or Tron, it is higher than in Neo.

Decrease activity of Dapps
According to the report, the investigations carried out by AnChain.AI, in January 2019, show that although EOSIO was leading the activity of decentralized applications (with an estimated USD 1 billion in the first quarter of 2019), 51 % of all users are bots. These false users would execute 75% of the operations, which in turn represented USD 6 million of the daily volume of transactions at that time, as stated.

Analysts add that the volume of transactions in most Dapps has also decreased in recent months. They ensure that gambling and Dapps exchange is still the most used applications. Something that “is probably due to the fact that gambling activity is highly regulated in most countries.”

EOSIO, owned by, is defined as a scalable and economical operating system, based on blockchain, that functions as a platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications. Its consensus system is based on the regular selection of a list of 21 BP, chosen by the token holders. However, last June, the departure of EOS NY as a block producer and the degradation by the Weiss rating agency raised doubts about a possible centralization of the project.

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