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Ethereum Does Not Take Part in the Approval of EIPs in Istanbul Hard Fork

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Recently, Ethereum’s main developers have completed the code change list for Istanbul’s hard fork. “This was with zero participation from The Great Dictator, Vital says Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum.

Vitalik commented on Twitter about an article on the approval of code changes in Istanbul, Ethereum’s next system-wide update:

To understand why Vitalik cynically referred to as the ”Great Dictator, am we need to remember that he was often blamed for a critically focused accusation for not being“ responsible inden for the development of Ethereum, thus making the project less decentralized.

Probably, the best example of such an attack is the economist Dr. The time came when Nouriel Roubini described Vitalik as the “dictator of life te in the following tweet:

As for the Istanbul hard fork, the main developers of Ethereum completed the EIP list at a meeting on August 15th.

According to the previous meetings of the group that includes a different Ethereum stakeholder group, the plan is to realize Istanbul in two stages:

Step 1: it consists of six EIPs; The Ethereum main network is expected to be published in October;

Stage 2: This consists of EIPs, such as the proposal to make Ethereum more resistant to ASIC by adopting the Programmatic Proof-of-Work (ProgPOW) consensus algorithm, which requires test more testing and negotiation than core developers ” .

At the meeting held on August 15th, Szilágyi said that activation of the first phase of Istanbul at Ethereum testnet Ropsten, some of whom would like to take place on September 4, may need to be carried forward in the future to give teams working on Ethereum customers. There is enough time to test the implementation of the six EIPs agreed before these changes are transferred to the test network.


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