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Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Critical of Roger Ver: “I hope he apologizes”


Roger Ver has faced severe criticism over the weekend after he tweeted about Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, and Elizabeth Stark, the co-founder of Lightning Labs:


Ver is the CEO of and a promoter of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). However, he used to be a major promoter and investor in Bitcoin and Bitcoin-related firms. After the Bitcoin blockchain hard forked into Bitcoin Cash two years ago, Roger became increasingly critical of Bitcoin, and some of its associated technologies, such as the Lightning Network.

His comments were met with severe criticism from the cryptocurrency community on Twitter. Some users told Ver to ‘get a life’, and to stop gossiping about people who in their opinion, were outpacing Ver. Others beseeched Roger to focus on his “failing” product, and to delete his tweet, which was “trash”.

The misogynistic tone of the tweet shocked some, and users on Twitter were sure that even people within the Bitcoin Cash community would not stand for his comments. Others accused Bitcoin Cash to be a “scam”. This is not the first time that Ver has tweeted in a misogynistic light, with a Twitter user observing that he has abused the #MeToo campaign.

In fact, a Twitter user, WhalePanda, believes that Ver is attacking Dorsey because the CEO’s payments company, Square, refuses to adopt Bitcoin Cash.

The issue, in this user’s opinion, is that other prominent members of the cryptocurrency, such as Vitalik Buterin, continue to give Ver credibility. The user provided this image as proof:

Buterin, however, was quick to reply, firmly explaining that he did not endorse Ver’s tweet under any circumstances, stating:

I think that comment of Roger’s is crazy. I hope he apologizes for it asap.

Ver, on the other hand, did not apologise, instead making a heated comment about the age of political correctness:

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