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Ex-Wife Sujain, who was in defense of Hrithik Roshan, said this on the charge of Sunaina


The controversy between Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and actor Hrithik Roshan is not taking the name out. The two continue to impose the allegations on each other. Recently, Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli has made big allegations against Hrithik Roshan and his family. Rangoli claims that Roshan family beat Sunita of Hrithik’s sister Sunaina. Rangoli has tweeted one after another about this claim. At the same time, Rangoli has told the reason behind beating Sunaina. His claim is that Sunna calls Kangna and she listens to her aspirant. Now, in this case, Hrithik’s X-Wife Sujain Khan also has a reaction. Read also: Sujain shared a post with his social media account, writing that being part of this family and based on my experience I Saying that Sunaina is a very loving and warmhearted person. Which is in a difficult period at this time. Sunaina’s father is going through a very serious health problem. His mother is still not in a position to say anything. Sujain wrote that I would only request that in this difficult time you respect the family’s privacy. There often is a time in the family. At the same time, Susan said in her post and said that I have been saying these for the long time on the basis of being part of this family. At the same time, some posts were viral from Sunaina’s Twitter account. In which he said that he is living in hell. He wrote in another tweet, ‘I did not know in life that I would experience such hell. On the other hand, news of Sunaina’s health was also going on for a long time.

However, reacting to these reports, Sunaina herself said that she is absolutely fine. At the same time, Sunaina also openly supported Kangana and apologized even for not supporting her earlier.

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One click and news itself will come by yourself, subscribe news 18 Hindi WhatsApp updates

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