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Exchanges withdrawing in 2019 resume withdrawal, attracting attention for major Bitcoin updates | Weekly Cryptocurrency News


This week’s news

This week, attention was focused on the start of testing of the major Bitcoin (BTC) upgrade “Taproot”, and the major DEX Uniswap is also undergoing a major update.

In the cryptocurrency market, many articles were read dealing with the background of the inflow of funds due to the soaring price of Ethereum.

In addition, the exchange that withdrew in 2019 announced that it will resume withdrawals for the first time in about a year and a half, and a former US finance minister has been appointed as a director at Ripple.

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  1. This Week’s News Ranking
  2. Market News | What is the market movement this week?
  3. Cryptocurrency / blockchain industry news

This Week’s News Ranking

1st place: Start of implementation test of Bitcoin’s large-scale update “Taproot” (5/3)

The latest version of the software has been released, including the activation code for the major Bitcoin upgrade “Taproot”. (the article isHere)

2nd place: Ethereum market capitalization exceeds Disney ── Cryptocurrency investment fund, from Bitcoin to Alto (5/3)

BTC prices have rebounded from $ 50,000 since the 26th, but the rise of Alto stocks has outpaced Bitcoin. Bitcoin (BTC) dominance temporarily reached the 50% level, the lowest level in two years. (the article isHere)

3rd place: Nasdaq listed company purchases virtual currency Ethereum for the first time in the United States (5/4)

Mogo, a listed company on the US Nasdaq, announced the purchase of Ethereum (ETH). This is the first case for a US listed company. (the article isHere)

Market News | What is the market movement this week?

1st place: Why the inflow of funds to Ethereum continues, the background of the soaring price (5/4)

Bitcoin plunged before $ 60,000 in the cryptocurrency market. Why are the funds raised in Ethereum? I will explain the reason for setting a record high. (the article isHere)

2nd place: DOGE, ETC, BCH ”Cryptocurrencies handled by Robinhood, a major US investment app, soared across the board (5/6)

Two stocks, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC), which are also traded in Japan, are soaring. (the article isHere)

Cryptocurrency / blockchain industry news

Cryptocurrency exchange withdrawal in 2019, to resume withdrawal of customer assets (5/6)

The closed exchange has announced that it will resume withdrawals for the first time in about a year and a half. (the article isHere)

Accumulation of whales or mass withdrawal of Bitcoin on a coinbase of major US exchanges again (5/8)

A large amount of Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawals equivalent to 11,105 BTC (about 70 billion yen) was detected from Exchange Coinbase Pro. (the article isHere)

Domestic major exchange Zaif decides to grant new currency Symbol (XYM) of virtual currency NEM (5/1)

Exchange Zaif Exchange announced on the 30th that it has decided to sequentially release the next version of NEM “Symbol (XYM)” from May 10, 2021 (Monday). (the article isHere)

Ripple, former US finance minister appointed as director (5/5)

US Ripple announces the appointment of two officers. Rosa Rios, a former US Treasury Minister who has made a name for himself in the US dollar, will become a board member. (the article isHere)

Progress to Ripple Trial or Request Evidence Disclosure from US SEC (5/7)

In the pending Ripple trial, Judge Netburn was found to have requested the SEC to disclose evidence (discovery) of some allegations. (the article isHere)

Uniswap v3, Ethereum mainnet implementation completed (5/6)

Major DEX (Distributed Exchange) Uniswap officially launched a new version, v3, on May 6th. (the article isHere)


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