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Exclusive: Midas Trend creator, Deivanir Santos, was leader of the BBOM pyramid


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"Bbom is serious and reputable, the largest multilevel marketing company in the world", said about seven years ago, Deivanir Santos, creator of Midas Trend, when he was leader of the financial pyramid Bbom with his brother Devanney Santos.

At that time, the company was already investigated by the courts. Deivanir, who appears much younger in the images, recruited people for Bbom with a team called ‘Vogue’.

He then made a video to defend the business – and along the same lines as the recent lives with Midas Trend customers:

"I want to say something to you who doubted even a second about our company, you will be scared (with) what it will do with the lives of Brazilians, with my life, with the lives of your family".

The video is from August 2013, but today's speech at Midas hasn't changed much.

In December last year, that is, more than six years later, referring to Midas Trend and asking for confidence in the business, Deivanir said the following:

"Company that changed your life, that has been changing your history, that caught you when you had no hope, had no expectation, you didn't know how you were going to pay off that car, you were going to pay off that apartment, how you were going to put your family in a better house … ”.

From the Bbom tracker to the Midas robot

At Midas Trend Deivanir ‘evolved’ with the creation of a supposed arbitration robot – à la Atlas Quantum – called ‘botmidas’ and making miraculous returns in a few months – “invest R $ 8,000 and receive R $ 80,000”.

Bbom's disguise at the time was multilevel marketing. The trick, in fact, ended up becoming a classic among many blows in Brazil.

Among them, the recent 18K Ronaldinho, with alleged involvement of Ronaldinho Gaúcho, and the extinct Telexfree (whose owner was arrested this week).

It is worth remembering that business in the multilevel marketing modality is not prohibited, so much so that there are large companies in this field – Avon and Natura for example. But in these cases, the revenue comes from the sale of real products and not from the entry of people.

Bbom Lure

The product that allegedly fueled BBom's business was a vehicle tracker. However, according to Justice, as in other cases of financial pyramid, this would be just a bait to recruit new members.

Deivanir practically deified the president of Bbom, João Francisco de Paulo, who has also appeared on video defending tooth and nail his tracker business.

Midas Trend left Brazil

Midas Trend's only form of revenue was the marketing of the affiliation. Investors invested reais with the promise of guaranteed return.

Without paying its customers for months, Midas Trend left Brazil, as Deivanir Santos promised in January this year. The announcement was made during a live on Instagram.

The fault, he said, was an alleged bank boycott with the company. The company, however, had been withholding customer withdrawals since October.

At the time, Santos had blamed Urpay for the delays and threatened customers who were complaining about the delays, saying that the losers would be themselves if the company stopped paying.

The problems have only gotten worse since then. To try to ease the chaos, Santos made new lives and promises every new week.

In one of the latter, the president said that everyone would receive until December 31, 2019. The following week, without fulfilling his promise, Santos went back to selling his arbitration robot to continue raising money.

During this week, rumors point out that a group of customers is organizing a public demonstration against the company.

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