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Experiments on Blockchain technology in cybersecurity: US Defence

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The US Department of Defense plans to do new experiments on Blockchain technology in cybersecurity. Some ministries in the United States have begun to enter a digitalization process in order to keep pace with today’s world. Among them is the Ministry of Defense.

A few days ago, the Department of Defense published a report titled “The Ministry of Defense digital Modernization strategy”   and shared information about the steps that were expected to be discarded over the next few years. According to this report published by the Ministry of Defence, the ministry the Advanced Defence Research projects Institution (DARPA) is attempting to leverage Blockchain technology to make some changes in cybersecurity. Official information published on the subject suggests that DARPA is currently working on two different Blockchain projects. One of them is largely a platform for communication and operations.

According to the statements, DARPA is considering using this platform to communicate between various units, intelligence officials and the Pentagon. Another experiment of DARPA is about creating a “non-hackable platform”. DARPA, who wants to use the power of Blockchain technology, is thus trying to develop a platform that will never be hacked, never leaked.


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