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Exploring Electroneum {ETN} and its key characteristics: Built specifically for the good of humanity

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After July kicked-off, Electroneum was able to successfully implement an update. The chain will henceforth be backed by the Proof-of-Responsibility protocol. This leads to crucial NGOs [non-profit and non-governmental entities] being chosen as miners, instead of the usual process of validation which leads to centralization.

Under the leadership of Richard Ells, this virtual currency has seen a soaring rate of adoption. They have abided by the KYC/AML regulations. With this upgrade, the blockchain is practically impenetrable if the possibility of a 51% attack arises. As the network is being monitored constantly, malicious threats can be stopped in their tracks in an effective manner.

Electroneum is also the first currency to have conceptualized cloud mining involving mobile phones. All one needs to do is download their app, sign up and earn $3 worth of ETN every month. This has contributed to their popularity in Africa and other nations as well. TwitterAudit has verified that 96% of their reported followers are genuine [this is great news, as both TRON and XRP have been propelled forward via the use of bots].

For now, ETN is the only network to have brought in the Proof-of-Responsibility methodology. Electroneum is also one of the most environment-friendly digital currencies and saves time and resources during mining. So what are you waiting for? Check out this immensely secure network with extraordinary scalability.

Electroneum is ranked at #104 on coinmarketcap. The price declined by 5.82% in the course of the past 24-hours. The trading volume recorded is $0.170 million, while the supply has 9,790,903,050 ETN coins in play. As of this moment, ETN is priced at $0.003551. The total market cap of Electroneum, according to present data is $34.769 million.

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