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Facebook’s virtual currency Libra launches $1 million reward program for bug discovery

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On August 27, Facebook’s virtual currency project, Libra, launched a program that rewards people for discovering a vulnerability called the Libra Bug Bounty.

Aiming to enhance blockchain security According to the Libra Association, the bug bounty was intended to enhance the security of the blockchain.

Developers can send bugs and warnings about privacy and security issues and vulnerabilities to the Libra Association, aiming for a scalable and secure launch.
The reward of up to 1 million yen The Libra Association also wants more people with diverse skills and backgrounds to inspect and evaluate blockchains.

According to the announcement, a reward of up to $10,000 to about $10,050 will be awarded if a serious problem is discovered on the test net. The Libra Association has announced a partnership with HackerOne, the world’s largest bug reward platform, for the “Libra Bug Bounty” program.

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