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Federal District court extinguishes action against "Bitcoin playboy"


Marlon Gonzalez Motta at the Copacabana Palace (RJ) in March 2019. Image: Repodução / Instagram

The Federal District Court of Justice extinguished a lawsuit against Marlon Gonzalez Motta, the “Playboy of Bitcoin”, for the fact that the action had submitted contradictory requests. Even after the court summoned the plaintiff to correct the petition, nothing was done.

According to the decision of Judge Grace Correa Pereira Maia, of the 9th Civil Court of Brasília, the plaintiff after having viewed the decision of the Court to amend the initial petition, failed to comply with the court order.

The judge mentioned that the person became aware of the order and decided to stop attending to what led the Justice to have no other option but to extinguish the action without deciding the merits, that is, without stating who is right in the discussion.

“Thus, and in a simple consultation with the PJe system, I verify that the system registered the decision to amend the initial one on 03/13/2020. Consequently, the fatal deadline for its manifestation, elapsed in albis, was recorded by the PJe for the date of 20/05/2020 ”, said the magistrate.

The lawsuit was filed not only against the businessman who became famous for suspected scams using bitcoins. The defendants were also the companies BMBC Consultoria em investimentos Ltda, M3Private Consultoria Empresarial and Treinamentos e Participações Eireli.

According to the sentence, there is no way of knowing what was the reason for the process or the value attributed to the case. The decision also did not specify what the plaintiff's conflicting requests were.

Bitcoin Playboy

Marlon Gonzalez Motta, who has been investigated by the Federal District Court for fraud with the use of cryptocurrencies earlier this May, said he is innocent and could prove it.

Gonzalez became famous last year when he allegedly created a scheme to deceive cryptocurrency investors. The whole situation came to light amid ostentation and luxury on social media.

According to the young businessman, the investment area was replaced by technology and today he lives escorted, with an armored car for his safety.

Gonzalez was even kidnapped and beaten by two customers last year who were said to have been duped by the young man who became known as the “playboy of bitcoin”.

It would have embezzled bitcoin investors by at least R $ 3 million with false promises. The case also involved police officers who ended up in prison.

His fame went away after he was hit by high-class youths who he usually approached at parties. One even took the case to court, but there was no effect.

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