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Federal Highway Police seized $ 200,000 without origin in the last ten days


Dollars seized by the police in Corumbá (MS). Photo: Reproduction / PRF

The Federal Highway Police (PRF) seized US $ 200,000 (about R $ 1 million) with no declared origin in the last ten days on Brazilian roads. Last Wednesday (17) in Corumbá, Mato Grosso do Sul, US $ 30 thousand (about R $ 160 thousand) were seized.

According to federal agents, the driver of the vehicle, 37, did not explain the origin of the dollar amount when approached at km 670 of BR-262 and was arrested.

According to the PRF, the foreign currency was found during an inspection of the car and a routine inspection. He drove a VW / Virtus, license plates from Belo Horizonte (MG).

"He was sent, along with the vehicle and the money, to the Federal Police in Corumbá (MS)", informed the agency.

Dollar in shoes

Last week, the PRF also seized dollars from two men who were driving a Corolla car around the municipality of São Borja (RS). At the time, the agency said, the amount of foreign currency was equivalent to more than half a million reais (US $ 123 thousand).

According to the agents, the money was hidden inside the shoes of the suspects, 37 and 41 years old.

"When inspecting the vehicle, the police found a certain volume in the shoes of those approached," reported the agency.

According to the police, they also did not know how to explain the origin of the money and did not have any proof regarding the amount. The incident was then referred to the judicial area, which determined the seizure of the money and the initiation of an investigation.


The day after the occurrence in São Borja, PRF gave another blatant foreign currency without origin; this time in a couple, detained in Sarandi, also a municipality in Rio Grande do Sul.

According to the agents, an inspection was carried out after the driver of the vehicle was nervous when presenting his documentation. During the inspection, US $ 46 thousand (about R $ 250 thousand) and R $ 159 thousand were found in a false bottom of the vehicle.

Of the goods, said the PRF, 153 smartphones and “dozens of electronic items brought from the border with Paraguay that entered the country illegally” were seized.

The couple was arrested in the act and taken to the federal judicial police of Passo Fundo for legal proceedings.

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