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Find out who Marcos Kronhardt, the Unick Forex trader arrested by the Federal Police, is


Marcos Kronhardt, Unick Forex trader, on video on Youtube (Photo: Reproduction / Youtube)

Trader Marcos Kronhardt was one of the people who actively participated in Unick Forex. In a video produced by the company suspected of fraud in the financial market, Kronhardt was appointed only as one of the Forex traders at Unick. However, the court found that he was actually the brain of these operations.

Until the outbreak of the Federal Police (PF) “Operation Lamanai”, Kronhardt's name was not as well known as Leidimar Lopes and Danter Silva. Despite this, there was already a video broadcast by Unick itself, on February 13 of last year, showing the relationship between the trader and the company.

Felipe Martins, who worked in Unick Forex marketing, points to Kronhardt as one of the company's operators in order to give confidence to investors. In the middle of the interview, the trader makes it clear that the company had been operating in the Forex market, which is not allowed in Brazil.

In a play on words, Kronhardt talks about the legality of operations since the Forex company would be headquartered abroad. However, even if the company does not have a domicile in Brazil, it cannot attract customers in the country without the authorization of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), as mentioned by the superintendent of the municipality, José Alexandre Vasco, in an interview with the Bitcoin Portal.

“It makes no difference whether the company is abroad or in Brazil if it is raising funds from people residing in the national territory, the competence lies with the CVM. This competence is established by law ”.

In addition to working at Unick Forex, Kronhardt owns MSK Soluções Investimentos. This company has been active since November 2017. The trader had been operating on MQL5 doing graph analysis in the Forex and cryptocurrency markets.

In the video, however, Kronhardt said he had left his former job to trade as a trader.

Unick Forex trader arrested

The court, after having access to the PF investigation, became convinced that Kronhardt was not a mere operator as Martins stated in the video. The Federal Regional Court of the 4th Region (TRF4), when analyzing the appeal of Habeas Corpus, upheld the decision of the Federal Court of Rio Grande do Sul after verifying that the trader was the brain behind the transactions made by Unick Forex.

"As for Marcos (Kronhardt), the investigations show that he would be the operator of Unick, acting with the Forex market in favor of that company and having control of foreign currency values".

Kronhardt had his preventive detention decreed and, like Danter Silva, he would only answer in freedom if he paid the R $ 200,000 bond, which until then has not occurred.

His and Danter Silva's defense even tried to take the case to the Superior Court of Justice (STJ). The result was that Minister Rogerio Schietti Cruz maintained the TRF4 decision.

Suspected money laundering

The Court raised the suspicion that the trader, as well as the company's marketing director, had engaged in money laundering with the purchase of real estate on behalf of third parties:

“Marcos Kronhardt was responsible for the operations carried out in the Forex market on behalf of Unick, with specific elements indicating that he has or controls accounts at brokerage firms abroad, whose values ​​were also not subject to judicial constraints, which blocked only R $ 1,004.47 of their accounts, much lower than the values ​​indicated in the payment tables analyzed in the Telematic Interception Reports ”.

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