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Five questions with HODLCommunity


Jean-Philippe Beaudet is the driving force behind HODLCommunity. I had the opportunity to ask him about the project and found out a few surprising things.

You had an AMA recently where you came out as the author of the original white paper. Why did you decide to drop the anonymity, and does it have to do with the other HODL project?

The HODLCommunity white paper was a collaboration from our team. The main authors were me, Patricia, and another core founder. However, this has always been an open secret in the community.

Our original white paper was a manifesto intended to ignite a discussion on alternate finance. At the time, it was more important that people pay attention to the idea rather than who wrote it. 

The second version of our white paper was about the project and where we’re going with it. It was obvious that we were the ones driving it, but we were still like, “Look, we have this really amazing tech here. Focus on that, not on us.” 

We decided to drop the anonymity related to the copycat projects arising. We noted this would happen in the first white paper. When they started to appear, we thought it would be in our best interests to stand behind our work. We want people to know who we are so that they can feel comfortable that this is a credible project. We feel that transparency is the key to success.  

Ask us anything.

Bitcoin’s white paper was eight pages long and yours is 80. Why did it take so many pages? Has anyone ever actually gotten through the white paper? And how do you explain the HODLCommunity project to people who haven’t read the WP?

That’s a good question. We feel like there’s no such thing as too much information. 

Our first white paper was a manifesto; it was only a few pages long. 

Our second version is an open door to our project. It’s a more in-depth read related to being full of detailed information on what we’re trying to accomplish, along with our roadmap. 

Despite the lengthiness, the principles behind it are quite simple.

Our digital asset, HODLC, follows a growth curve that can be reasonably predicted. It follows two simple rules: It grows with user participation, and it increases value over time. 

This is the exciting paradox of HODLC: the rules of predictable finance are simple to grasp! 

The complexity lies within the fact that the asset is merely a means to an end. The project’s ecosystem is made up of everyday products and services, and the asset, a non-volatile medium of exchange that grows in value, is what allows completely disruptive ideas like zero-interest loans and negative-interest mortgages. In fact, every business model that includes recurring payments can be disrupted this way. This is a key element to mass adoption. 

Another key element to adoption is getting the “cryptocurrency focus” out of the experience and highlighting the benefits of the services. It combines the best of both worlds – a decentralized predictable yield finance network and a centralized liquidity/payment partner.

With the amount of information available, it’s easy to get lost in the details. What should people concentrate on? What’s important to know? What are you hoping to achieve?

As you’ve noticed, HODLC is a rather unique digital asset. There are many atypical things we want to share; first, the notion of value and growth.

In HODLCommunity assets, the price of the asset is mostly irrelevant. There is no good or bad time to participate. Community members are essentially participating in the curve. When they buy into the growth curve, they are simultaneously contributing to it. 

The focus is on growth over time and not on the price at entry and exit. 

Typical models use price discovery, where one must risk selling at less than they paid for the asset. With HODLC, this notion is irrelevant as the asset cannot be sold for less than the purchase price. 

The asset’s “superpower” is that it aids in the creation of an ecosystem, including participants outside of the cryptosphere and throughout the retail marketplace. It flows back to recurrent usage and the critical factors of daily growth (velocity) and daily volume. Businesses can start leveraging the growth curve to enhance their profit margins.  

We’ll be able to disrupt the commercial and financial worlds by creating a more reliable medium of exchange backed by a decentralized growth curve that is censorship-resistant and has built-in scarcity.

You talk about HODLCommunity’s drive toward mass adoption. How does the HODLCommunity project achieve that when other projects haven’t?

Mass adoption of cryptocurrency is inevitable. HODLCommunity wants to contribute to the process by bringing predictable finance economics through a set of extraordinary digital assets called HODLs. 

Excuse the repetitiveness, but the core feature of HODLC makes it the perfect instrument for disrupting industries such as payments, loans, financing, insurance, mutual funds, even charities.

The core idea is that the assets are not a product; they’re a business model. Ponder the notion of a programmatically-enforced growth curve with built-in scarcity. When we point this out, many can instantly understand that the value held will grow proportionally to recurring demand, which is driven by usage.  

The scarcity factor [only 40,000,000 HODLC will exist on any of the available ledgers — Ed] becomes important as more and more businesses implement HODLC-backed products and services. Not only do businesses benefit by becoming more competitive, more stable, and having better profit margins, but they also contribute to the overall strength and health of the network, making the asset’s predictable nature ever more steady. 

It’s a beautiful cycle.

I see that you’ve been talking about predictable yield finance more and more, and there’s a rumor that you’re writing a paper on it. What’s it about, and why should people care about it?

Well, first, please join us in our Telegram chat anytime to clear up any rumors. We welcome questions, engage in ongoing conversations, and run educational sessions all the time with people from all over the globe and from all walks of life. 

The economics behind predictable finance are terribly exciting and define a new category of asset, algorithmic tokens. It seems imperative that we detail and compare this concept to the existing schools of economic thought. 

The paper in progress will open thought-provoking discussions in the economic world and validate the model through adoption and evolution. With that, the HODLCommunity foundation becomes a vector of innovation in this new economic/tokenomic school of thought. 

Even if studying a new school of economic thought is not your preferred leisure activity, I encourage you to do a little homework. This one has the power to revolutionize your finances, and that should at least pique your interest.

I read in your bio that you like a good falafel. Where’s the best falafel in Montreal?

I am a cheesy food person, and I love a good Basha falafel.

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