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Former CIA chief said – Imran's claim is wrong; Pakistan never gave a clue to bin Laden


  • Imran said on American tour that ISI had informed the CIA about the whereabouts of bin Laden
  • According to General David Petraeus, the Pakistani intelligence agency did not give us the clue of bin Laden

Washington. Former Patriot of the American Intelligence Agency has said that Pakistan did not give any clue about Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts. This statement of Patrias is important because on Tuesday only Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan had claimed that the ISI had given information to the CIA about the former leader of al-Qaeda.

ISI did not know at a program in the Indian Embassy in New York, General Patrias said, “I can say with full confidence that there was no information about bin Laden’s whereabouts along with ISI, an intelligence agency from Pakistan. We also do not agree that anyone in Pakistan had provided shelter to bin Laden. “In 2011, when Mr. Laden was killed, General Patrias took charge of this operation. He said, “During this operation, the Pakistani army was not able to reach even around terrorist bases in North Waziristan.”

What did Imran say? The Pakistan PM gave an interview to American TV channel Fox News on Monday night. In this, he had claimed that ISI gave information to US officials about Osama bin Laden. Only after this al Qaeda leader was killed by American commandos at his hideout in Abbottabad. For the past eight years, the Pakistan government, army and intelligence agency have officially said that they had no information about bin Laden being in Pakistan.

On the release of the doctor was asked about the release of Dr. Shakeel Afridi from Imran in question interview. Regarding doctor Afridi, it is said that he had conveyed strong information about the whereabouts of bin Laden’s place to the CIA. Afridi was later sentenced to jail for spying against the country. He is still locked in a Pakistani jail. America wants Pakistan government to release doctor Afridi.

Afridi is a spy, Imran said, “This is a matter related to emotions. Shakeel Afridi is considered a spy in Pakistan. We were US colleagues. We only gave him information about bin Laden. We wish we could catch him too. ISI did not leak information, but shared it with CIA. Because of this Laden was killed. If you ask the CIA, you will tell that based on the phone connection, bin Laden’s location was first received and it was shared with the US. ”

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