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Former Salesmen Claim – The company took out 1 lakh employees to create a youth team


  • 61-year-old employee, Jonathan Langley filed a case against the company last year.
  • Company refutes allegations of age discrimination of employees
  • Company claims – we recruit 50,000 new employees every year

San Francisco. America’s IT company IBM has pulled out nearly 1 lakh young people working in the last few years to create a team of young employees. This claim was made by 61-year-old employee Jonathan Langley, who was released from the job, against the company last year.

According to the registrar hearing the case, “IBM’s former salesman Jonathan Langley had filed the case. Another employee Alan Wilde said in the testimony that in the last five years, the company has shown the way out from 50 thousand to 1 lakh senior citizens. Like other companies including Amazon, Google and Facebook, IBM has been accused of setting up a youth team.

Cases registered against the company last year

The company has denied the allegations of age discrimination of employees. According to him, the company is 108 years old. These are all our parts. We get more than 8 thousand job applications every day. The company recruits 50,000 employees every year. Spends around $ 500 million on team training. ”

20,000 employees removed in five years: report

In this time period, IBM has reduced the workforce of nearly three parts of its global workforce, while the new recruits of the new people. The American newspaper Propublica published the report in March. It was said that IBM had fired 20,000 employees of 40 years and above in the last five years.


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