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Founder of Lightning Labs to participate in meet up in São Paulo


On the 27th, in the city of São Paulo, the Bitcoin Tech Meetup, an event about bitcoin that will discuss the Lightning Network (LN) technology.

The objective, according to the organization, is to foster the bitcoin community in Brazil with debates about financial assets and protocol. The Lightning Network is a scalability solution for the bitcoin network developed by Lightning Labs.

The Bitcoin Assembly will bring the American Elizabeth Stark, CEO of Lightning Labs, developer of LN. Earlier this month, the startup received an investment of $ 10 million.

With the presence of Stark, the discussion will be around new scalability possibilities, exploring use cases that the second layer solution allows, says the note.

To this end, a premise will be launched: "How to build a Lightning Network ecosystem to open up the possibilities of programmable money," the organization said in a statement.

According to the note, this is a question that the meetup will seek to answer with the support of Stark, one of the greatest ambassadors of the LN network in the world.

Lightning Network and Bticoin

The Lightning Network is a complementary layer that started to be created in 2015, being activated three years later – March 2018.

The goal was to create a solution to facilitate transactions outside the chain in Bitcoin. In September last year, the network reached 10,000 nodes.

Among its investors are Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, and Charlie Lee, of the Litecoin Foundation, and now Craft Ventures, with the recent investment.

According to the founder of Bitcoin Tech Meetup, Lucas de Carvalho Ferreira, the purpose of the event is to focus more on Bitcoin, an idea that he has been cultivating for a long time. One of the arguments, he said, is that in the past "events and meetups were happening in droves, but over time they became more rare".

Ferreira believes that even with recent meetups that have been promoted, he has always missed topics with more technical issues.

"I still missed something focused only on Bitcoin and, mainly, that they would enter into some more technical discussions", he commented.

Bitcoin Tech Meetup

Date: 27/02/2020

Schedule: 6:30 pm

Place: CLXT plug: Rua Lisboa, 890, Cerqueira César, São Paulo (SP)

Ticket: R $ 40 for Sympla or R $ 10 via LN on BtcPay

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