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From Portugal, owner of DD Corporation says he received threats and did not run away


Leonardo Araújo is the creator of DD Corporation (Photo: Reproduction / Youtube)

Even after admitting that DD Corporation went bankrupt, the apology season remains open. In a new live held last Tuesday (11), the company's creator, Leonardo Araújo, went back and said that he did not mean that the company had no more money to pay investors.

"I received threats throughout the day that included my mother and father," he said.

Panting and appealing to an emotional speech and even to Jesus Christ, Araújo spoke for 46 minutes. He said that he decided to make a new demonstration given the negative repercussions of the previous video.

“At no time did I say 'let's run away, stop paying the
people'. I slapped the face to say that we will pay as we can.
I will honor even the last investor. ”

In the previous pronouncement, Araújo had assumed the bankruptcy of DD Corporation and that the payment, if possible, would be made within at least one year.

“The truth is that in that video I was very nervous,
I expressed it right. I will tell the story of what has happened so far, ”he said.

Like other schema leaders identified with
falling financial pyramid, Araújo said that violent acts
will resolve. And he asked for patience and time so he could work to “put the house
in order ”and make the payments due.

Supposed new technical problem

Speaking of Portugal, where he currently lives, Araújo admitted
which hid a more serious problem from DD Corporation from investors. What a
did it because “I was sure I could solve it” without raising concerns
about 300 thousand customers of the company.

According to him, a person who was paid to develop the new
The company's multilevel system carried out a series of frauds that affected the
compliance of DD Corporation, leading to account blocking with exchanges.

This move, says the CEO, led to a chain reaction that
prevented payments and even led him to borrow bitcoins to honor

Araújo also stated that he planned to expose the situation of
company during the meeting with leaders in Cancún (Mexico), at the end of 2019.
However, he said he stepped back from the people's joy at being in that

“Whoever has no child will not understand, but I consider everyone
you my family ”.

In addition to the alleged new technical problem, the CEO of DD made new
attacks on Graf, the IT company to which Araújo attributed the biggest problems
presented until then.

Sought by the Portal, Graff did not comment on the
DD Corporation's charges.

DD Corporation nightmare

DD Corporation – formerly Dreams Digger – is headquartered in Salvador, Bahia. The company was founded by Leonardo Araújo, who claimed to have around 300,000 associates and claimed to be officially an education platform on the cryptocurrency market. However, it used an alleged bitcoin arbitrage robot (called Next) as its main decoy.

classic withdrawal delay script was followed by investigation by
financial pyramid of the Public Ministry of Bahia
and change of
Dreams Digger name for DD Corporation.

Last December, DD removed the default and announced that it would end its activities in the
multilevel marketing on the last day of 2019. The resolution was for the 10th of
February, which has now been rolled up again.

defaults on affiliates, DD Corporation also often intimidates those who resolve to publicly complain about

O site
international Behind MLM
, specialist in unmasking pyramids
DD Corporation is a “ponzi scheme with an arbitration robot.”

DD worked in a classic pyramid scheme, where you were paid for referring people below you. In addition to the direct referral bonus, they also had so-called binary bonuses, team bonuses and leadership bonuses.

Former leaders
already announce new company

A new platform called E-volve could be the continuation of DD
Corporation. The new company has been announced since December by former leaders
DD Corporation and the business is very similar.

Bitcoin earnings, according to a video on the ‘E-Volve International’ channel on YouTube, will come from trading, arbitrage and ‘hodl’ activity.

In the new live, Araújo denied any connection with E-Volve. "They are trying to associate me with other companies, but I left the multilevel, my only link is with you to solve this whole thing," he said.

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