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Cryptocurrency releases FX reserve investment

On May 9, started “Easy FX Savings” to buy currency pairs on a regular basis. You can make a funded investment with the following 10 currency pairs.

Easy FX reserve compatible currency pair

US dollar / yen, British pound / yen, Australian dollar / yen, NZ dollar / yen, Canadian dollar / yen, South African land / yen, Turkish lira / yen, RMB / yen, Mexican peso / yen, Russian ruble / yen

The service allows you to buy currency pairs in units of one currency (usually 1,000 currencies; Russian rubles / yen only 10,000 currencies). Leverage can be selected from 1x, 2x, and 3x. The accumulation frequency can be selected from 3 courses: daily, weekly, and monthly.

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LINE Securities launches iDeCo in collaboration with Nomura Securities

On May 10, LINE Securities began offering “LINE’s iDeCo (Individual Defined Contribution Pension)”. The operation management organization is Nomura Securities. As a receiving financial institution, LINE Securities accepts Nomura Securities’ iDeCo on the Internet. In addition to providing products, Nomura Securities will be responsible for the operation of the call center and web services.

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Nomura HD to provide financial consulting remotely

Nomura Holdings Co., Ltd. announced on May 10 that it has reached a basic agreement on the establishment of a joint venture between Chiba Bank, Daishi Hokuetsu Bank and The Chugoku Bank. The joint venture will provide financial consulting services remotely. Aiming to establish between the four companies, the final contract is scheduled to be made by the second quarter of 2021.

At the joint venture, a dedicated advisor will provide consulting services remotely for a fee. It is independent of any particular financial institution and does not mediate financial products and services.

Money Square adds “Euro Pound”

Money Square announced on May 10 that it will handle the currency pair “Euro / Pound Sterling”. Applicable from transactions after May 8th.

The “euro / pound sterling” is characterized by its close economic zone and narrow range. Money Square says the narrow range of “Euro / Pound Sterling” is suitable for its automated trading service “Tralipi”. In September 2020, the “Australian dollar / NZ dollar” was introduced for the same reason.

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LINE Securities launches IPO service at the end of May

LINE Securities announced the start of its IPO service on May 12. The service is scheduled to start at the end of May. Performed in collaboration with Nomura Securities.

IPO stands for “Initial Public Offering” and refers to a newly listed stock. Generally, applicants selected by lottery or the like can buy the shares at the “public price” before listing. Since the “initial price (first stock price on the exchange)” often exceeds the public price, it has become popular in recent years.

At the time of writing, it was not clear how LINE Securities would solicit an IPO. Details will be announced when the service starts.

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Rakuten Securities improves response of trading tools

On May 12, Rakuten Securities expanded the server of the trading tool “Market Speed ​​2” for PCs. Responses such as screen transitions and screen updates are improved.

In addition, if the response of Market Speed ​​2 is bad, there are cases where it can be improved by reducing the number of quotes and the number of acquisitions of the step value.

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Added DMM stocks and US stocks that can be secured

On May 12, Securities announced the addition of 50 US stocks (45 common stocks and 5 ETFs) to the stocks that can be used as substitute securities for margin trading in the stock trading service “DMM stocks”. It will be evaluated as a substitute securities at 16:00 on May 14, and can be used for transactions after the 17th.

When US stocks are inserted as substitute securities, 60% of the final price on the business day before the previous day is converted into margin for margin trading.

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Monex, Inc. Now Shares US Registered Stocks on Multiple Devices

Monex, Inc. announced on May 13 that it will share the registration list “radar screen” for US stocks. This eliminates the need for registration for each terminal. The smartphone trading tool “Trade Station US Stocks” is also subject to sharing.

Until now, the US stock registration list was stored for each terminal / browser, but it will be shared by switching to server storage. The application is scheduled for the evening of May 29th.

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Campaign related information launches questionnaire & swap campaign

On May 10th, launched a questionnaire campaign targeting the above-mentioned “Raku-Raku FX Reserve” account holders. If you answer the questionnaire by the end of the month following the month of opening the account, 500 yen will be given to everyone. also launched a swap point campaign on the same day. Granting swap points at the industry’s highest level (from Forex Dotcom HP) in 5 currency pairs (South African land / yen, Turkish lira / yen, Mexican peso / yen, Russian ruble / yen, RMB / yen) of “Raku-Raku FX Reserve” account I do.

At the time of writing, both campaigns have no deadline, but they may end without notice.

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Rakuten FX launches first trading campaign

Rakuten Securities launched the first trading campaign on May 10th in the FX service “Rakuten FX”. Those who have never traded on Rakuten FX will receive 50 Rakuten points for every 100,000 currency transactions during the period until 5:55 am on July 1st.

Only new contracts are covered and settlement quantities are not counted. Also, Rakuten MT4 accounts are not eligible. A separate entry is required to participate in the campaign.

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