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Get interest rates in cryptocurrencies?

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There are many different types of PoS, and some have a delegate mechanism. A delegate is a person who can stake, or vote for a validator, and indirectly participate in the stalling.

Proof of Stake (PoS) determines who generates the block with the token holding amount. The chosen people can generate blocks and get tokens that are rewarding. And, the thing of the work is called “Sting”. So, can’t people who can’t directly sting themselves get paid?

Tezos is a way to stay from the command line, but this time, i’ll show you how to stay from the desktop app. The procedure is the following four steps.

  1. Installing Tezbox
  2. Create an account
  3. Check and send your address
  4. XTZ delegates from the app

In addition, this delegation will use a validator called Sanka Network operated by HashHub.

Tezos rewards are two types of rewards, with block generation rewards selected by roll ratios and endorsements by blocking approval satiating 32 people from Baker.

Roll is the minimum amount of XTZ to participate in Baking, making it easier for people with more units to get the right to block generation. However, with the staking pool introduced, you will be able to participate in a smaller amount of XTZ. Let’s join tezos stake!


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