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Gifts That Every Poker Player Will Love

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Every one of us has that one close friend or family member that seems to be in love with everything gambling-related. Whether it is actual gambling, online gambling, and betting, interesting items such as poker cards, chips, and other decorative stuff, all of these can be a great gift for when their birthday comes or for some other special occasion. If you want to surprise them, you will certainly have to do some research to find the perfect poker gift for them.

Here are some of the best gifts you can for your friend.

Poker rulebook

If your friend loves poker, that does mean he is good at it or even more unlikely, that he is a master at it. This game is one of the hardest gambling games available that requires a lot of mental and physical stability. While the game does contain bits of luck, it is one of the more skill-based gambling games ever invented. So, getting them a rulebook for their birthday can be a great gift since they will be able to learn about all the tricks, strategies and bluffing they could do. Even a master of poker could also find something useful in such a book.

Source: Beat The Fish

A set of poker chips

If your friend is a true lover of gambling, then they probably have one set of these. However, if you are sure that they do not, or are in a need of a new, more premium set, you should definitely get them one. Because without these, you cannot have a true card game. Betting is one of the crucial parts of poker and the clacking sound of the chips is probably one of the most satisfying things while playing. Getting to travel around with your pretty poker chip set will really show that a person understands the game and has come prepared.

Check out GamblersDailyDigest, to find high-quality poker chips worthy of every gaming enthusiast.

If your friend has just started learning about this game, then it can be a great gift since he can use it to do some training before the real deal.

Source: Medium

Poker tabletop

Are you constantly trying to convince each other that you should play a game of poker but never get around to it? Well, this is the perfect gift for both of you. On the day you give him the gift, you can suggest to him that you can finally play against each other since you brought the poker table to him. This is a useful item that you can put on almost every table. With this, you can turn every single flat surface into a card game playing table. It is easy to set up, feels just like a real poker table and is both light-weight and easy to pack since most are foldable.

Source: festivito

Poker related clothing

If you do not feel like doing some grand gesture, getting them a few pieces of clothing that are gambling-related can be a cool gift. They would surely love it and will find it useful because who doesn’t want a few more socks or shirts in their drawers?

Source: Gclub007

Real-size poker table

If you really want to go all-out and surprise your friend with the best possible gift you can think of, why not get him a full real-size poker table? If you know that they have a bigger free space at home where they can set up this table, then you should definitely consider getting them one. This gift can give him the feeling that he truly is at a casino playing a serious card game. It is also a great gift from a practicality stand-point since you can easily organize your chips and cards and leave them there for safekeeping. Your friend will not have to carry them around every time and putting them away since he has a place dedicated to keeping his poker-related stuff. It also has a few cup holders when they invite you for a few games of card and drinking.

Keep in mind, this can be a bit pricey gift, costing you around two to three hundred dollars.

Source: Toca Cultural

Electric shuffler

Have you ever noticed how at professional casino card games they never spend time shuffling the deck? This is because they use an electric shuffler that does the shuffling in just a few seconds. This also reduces the risk of the dealer rigging the game. Why not surprise your friend with an electric shuffler? Instead of relying on the people playing to shuffle the card decks, they can easily put in the deck into the shuffler to quickly mix up all the cards. Depending on the device, you can put in more than one deck without a problem. This can cost you around 30 to 40 US dollars.

Source: Chicago Tribune

Get them a subscription for WSOP

If you do not know about WSOP, it is the World Series of Poker, one of the biggest games that air worldwide. They are usually held annually, but you can get your friend a poker-related channel subscription for a couple of dollars so they can enjoy watching card games on their TV, smartphone or on their laptop.

Source: AndroidGuys

Custom deck

Who doesn’t want to have their own custom-made quality deck of cards? This is one of the best gifts you can give to someone who loves gambling-related card games. You can put on the deck anything you want to. Some inside joke, your face, their face, some unforgettable moments you both have had in your lives. In other words, anything funny or memorable you can think of. Next time your group of friends gather for a game of poker, you will have a good laugh when your friend pulls out the custom deck of cards you made for them.

Source: Somcore

Hire a professional

This is a gift for someone who is ready to make a more serious commitment to this game. You can easily find a professional online who gives poker training sessions for a price. You can hire the professional for just a few hours so that your friend can find out if the training is effective at all.

Source: TRIM Alfa

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