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Goiás police arrest accused of estelionato with investments in Bitcoin.

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In a scam involving investments in Bitcoin, the Goiás Civil Police arrested Sttefanny Cristina Lopes, (24) accusing her of estelionato. The estelionato is exposed in the Brazilian Penal Code (Title II, Chapter VI, Article 171) as an economic crime, which is described as the act of “obtaining, for itself or another, illicit advantage, to the detriment of others, inducing or keeping someone in error by deception, deception or any other fraudulent means.” The penalty for the practice of estelionate can range from 1 to 5 years,

According to investigations by agents of the State Police Department of Homicide Investigations (IHL), she reportedly obtained at least $ 115,000 from the victims.

The Caldas Novas Police Station issued a report stating that the young woman offered “new investment opportunities” that she herself operated through cryptocurrency transactions.

That deceived many people into selling their assets and investing in the so called business as well as inviting friends and family to engage in the scheme. Five victims have been identified so far.

Quick profits with Bitcoin

Clients were promised quick and easy profits, which evidently would never have occurred. Under such a context, the court has determined her custody and has held her answerable for estelionato. Agreeing to the Public Prosecutor’s opinion, the court has also demanded the blocking of all assets tied to the accused.

Rogério Moreira, the case’s deputy explained that it is not yet possible to know, in fact, if Sttefanny managed investments with Bitcoins or if she used Bitcoin’s history only to practice the coup.

Investigations showed that she asked the victims to deposit a certain amount while she merely simulated applications, whisking the money. When victims requested to pull out of the scheme, she always made excuses.

This isn’t the first crime she was accused of; Stefanny was arrested for the same type of crime and also for “homicide qualified for futile motive.” However, if convicted in the case of the coup, she could face between one and five years in prison and a fine.

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