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Governor Malik said: Omar is a child in the field of politics; I will go through the corruption of everybody.


  • Satyapal Malik had said – instead of killing the innocent innocents, kill the looters of Kashmir.
  • Omar opposed Malik’s statement, said – now the governor responsible if a leader was killed
  • Malik expressed regret over his statement, but said – If this was not the governor, this would be my statement.
  • “Many leaders of Jammu and Kashmir and bureaucrats indulge in corruption, all those people in my eyes,

Srinagar. Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satyapal Malik on Monday reacted on the tweet to Omar Abdullah, calling him a child in the field of politics. He said that now I will go through Kashmir by highlighting corruption. Actually, on Sunday, Malik had made a controversial statement that the terrorists should not kill the security forces and innocent people, but kill them, who have looted Kashmir after years of corruption. On this, Omar Abdullah tweeted, “Now if a leader or a bureaucrat is killed in Kashmir, then consider the order of the governor.”

I gave an angry statement: the governor

  1. In a conversation with the news agency, Malik said, “I was angry with corruption and just gave an angry statement. As a Governor, I should not have said this. Today many state politicians and top bureaucrats are involved in corruption. All such people are criminals in my eyes If the governor did not get the post, he would say this. ”

  2. Now if the leaders are murdered, then consider the governor’s order: Omar

    National Conference leader Omar Abdullah has opposed the statement of Malik who is involved in terrorists and corruption. He tweeted: “Now if a leader or a bureaucrat is killed in Kashmir, then it will be considered as the order of the governor. He (Malik) should first peep inside himself, then lift his finger on others. ”

  3. People of 90% of Omars oppose: Governor

    Malik took him back on the reaction of Omar. He said, “He tweeted on every issue and behaved like a child in politics. See the post on Twitter, you will know everything. 90% of people oppose her tweets. If you want, go to the streets and ask people. ”

  4. ‘I have reached here from a half-room house’

    Malik said, “Ask the people of Kashmir about my reputation and their reputation. I am here because of your reputation in Delhi and you should be where you are from your reputation. I have neither the father’s name nor the money like yours. I have reached here from a half-room house. Guarantee that I will go by showing them corruption. ”

  5. ‘Killing innocent people’

    Malik said in the program in Kargil that the boys who have taken guns in their hands are killing themselves. They are killing private security officers and special police officers. Why are you killing her? Kill them, who have looted the wealth of Kashmir. Did you hit any of them? Weapons are never a solution to the problem. There was an organization in Sri Lanka, which was known as LTTE. She also got support, but she ended up

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