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Greenland is expected to melt 11 million tonnes of ice in a day, sea water level may rise by 0.1 mm.


  • Ice sheets melted in Greenland at the end of May, this year it started to melt from the first week
  • Scientists said that after 1950, the highest snow sheets in Greenland this year have melted

Copenhagen The warmest day was recorded Thursday in Greenland, located in the North Atlantic Ocean. Because of this, there was melting of 1100 million tonnes of ice sheet in just one day. Scientists reported that the molten part was equivalent to water of over 40 million Olympic pools. This is expected to increase the sea level of water by 0.1 millimeters or 0.02 in a month.

According to Dynasty Meteorological Institute’s climate scientist Ruth Motram, Greenland typically melt the ice sheet in the summer. Although this process starts in the last days of May but this time it has started to melt from the first week of May. It has been melting continuously for the past four months.

The highest snow melt this year after 1950

Motoram said – In July alone, 19,700 million tonnes of ice sheet melted, which is equal to the water of eight million Olympic swimming pools. Thus, its potential melting rate is 6 to 7 thousand million tonnes this year. Last week the hot winds had reached the Arctic. Scientists said that since 1950, Greenland has melted most of the ice sheet this year.

July is the warmest month: Scientist

Scientists said that July is the warmest month in the world so far in the recorded data. American journalist Laurie Garrett shared a video on Twitter and wrote: Glaciers are melting beneath the Kangalucciiac Bridge in Greenland. There are 22 degrees Celsius temperature here. On Thursday, only 12 hours of ice melted in 12 hours.

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