Gulf of Oman Tanker Attacks: US accuses Iran in a baseless manner

Footage has been released by the US Military which allegedly shows Iran’s Revolutionary Guard taking care of an unexploded mine. Apparently, this mine was stuck to one of the tankers.

Iran also released an official statement, they “categorically rejected” the allegation. Four oil tankers were damaged at the UAE recently, for which the US blamed Iran as well. Trump struck down a nuclear deal that Obama had arranged with Iran. Since then, tensions and sanctions have been rising.

Oil prices pumped up by 4% following the incident at the Gulf of Oman. Front Altair, a Norwegian tanker sent out the first set of distress signals. Kokuka Courageous was abandoned by its crew after a fire and an explosion was observed.

Javad Zarif, the Foreign Minister retorted back as the accusations were made “without a shred of factual or circumstantial evidence” and attempting to “sabotage diplomacy”.


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