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Hacker that took down 30% of the dark web is selling stolen data


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A hacker who stole thousands of emails and passwords from a hosting provider – who supported the dark web – taking him offline, started releasing the data.

In March, a hacker, nicknamed “KingNull”, infiltrated the database of Daniel’s Hosting, one of the dark web’s largest hosting providers – a hidden part of the internet. KingNull appropriated 3,671 emails and 7,205 passwords, cleaning up the servers later. After the attack, Daniel’s Hosting was forced to close. The servers hosted about 7,600 websites – roughly a third of all dark web sites.

On Sunday, KingNull sent a copy of the stolen data to a file-sharing website.

"The leaked database contains confidential information about the owners and users of thousands of darknet domains," cybersecurity company Under the Breach told ZDNet. "This information can help to track individuals who participate in illegal activities on these deep web sites."

Not everyone who uses the dark web does it for evil. Over the years, in addition to hit killer sites and drug and weapons suppliers, the dark web also serves as an asylum for political dissidents. In fact, there are a number of legitimate reasons for using the dark web, including innocuous activities such as accessing Facebook or email in countries where they are prohibited.

Even the BBC has its own website on the dark web. This is so that the information can be accessed by those who reside in countries where the news is censored.

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