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Happy Birthday Shahrukh Khan: Do you know these things about King Khan?

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Mumbai. Shahrukh Khan had no film background when he came into the film industry. Due to his hard work, Shahrukh managed to create history in the film industry and today he is called the ‘king of romance’ in Bollywood. Today is Shahrukh’s birthday. King Khan will celebrate his 54th birthday (Shahrukh Khan 54th Birthday) with special students from St. Andrew’s College in Mumbai. You often see Shahrukh on film screen, but how is Shahrukh in real life? Very few people know about it. Know some unheard and interesting things related to Shah Rukh’s life- Such is the boss, Shah Rukh Khan Shahrukh Khan’s PR team and from production to his personal team, girls are girls. The most amazing thing is that Shah Rukh takes great care of his team personally as well. I asked his team how much you care about Shahrukh. Everyone reversed and said that in reality, Shah Rukh takes great care of his team and the people associated with him and never show a far-reaching voice even when showing the power of stardom.

Shahrukh Khan takes care of everyone

The first name on the list of favorite stars of favorite media media superstar is Khan. When I initially started working in the media, I used to pay attention to things related to Shah Rukh because Shah Rukh is my favorite actor. At one time, I used to think that there is no diplomacy behind this image of Shahrukh? As time went by, my misconceptions were dispelled. I remember one time during his interview, I accidentally repeated Salman’s name several times in his place, there would have been some other actor in his place. It would have happened but Shahrukh did not pay attention to it because he knew that it happened by mistake. After this interview I understood that Shah Rukh Khan is not diplomatic at all, but his image and behavior is also very good in reality.

Shahrukh Khan is a very wonderful person

Shahrukh’s special one Over the years, one of the special things about Shah Rukh and what I got to see was that Shah Rukh conducts promotional interviews of the film for many hours and his energy level, which is in the first interview, is even at three in the night. is. This is a big deal in itself. Another special thing related to Shahrukh is that he talks to the editor of any media organization in the same way as a junior reporter. Shahrukh’s personality does not change at all by giving a position.

Shahrukh awake overnight, what do you eat for dinner? One of the biggest things about Shahrukh is that he works continuously for many hours and he has a habit of waking up at night. Shahrukh sleeps around 3 pm every day. Shahrukh loves working so he is constantly busy. Seeing fit Shah Rukh in such a situation, his fans are often desperate to know what would happen if Shah Rukh did not know his diet. So let me share one more interesting thing related to Shahrukh. Shah Rukh eats food very often, during interviews, Shah Rukh’s team follows him with fruits but Shah Rukh is not very fond of food.

Shahrukh’s off camera avatar

This is how off-camera Shah Rukh often meets Shahrukh Media on the occasion of Eid and his birthday. During this meeting, Shahrukh gossips with the reporters for many hours. The most amazing thing is that many such journalists are also involved in this meeting of Shah Rukh, who criticize his films but Shah Rukh does not even mention negative things in this meeting. I have been watching closely and there are very few families here who respect the media so much. There are also many big names in the film industry who call the media for publicity on every special occasion from the birthday but never ask the media for water. While media is always welcome at Shahrukh’s house. It is said that all these rites are reflected, apparently the glimpse of Shah Rukh’s parents is reflected in King Khan. Achieving success and maintaining success is a big thing in itself and Shah Rukh has done this job well. Hearty congratulations from Shah Rukh Khan on his 54th birthday and from the team of News18 Hindi.

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