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High-quality cryptocurrency mixing service offers using BitMix.Biz

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Data security of cryptocurrency holders is the main task to ensure the safety of digital money. The BitMix.Biz mixer is specially designed to provide the highest level of transaction anonymity. The need to provide high anonymity of transactions when performing operations with cryptocurrency, prompted the creators of the service to develop some special features in order to prevent theft by Bitcoin analysis use.

Ensuring financial security with a Bitcoin mixer

The BitMix.Biz service offers an interface in 10 languages and the ability to mix Bitcoin and Litecoin. In the near future, several more cryptocurrencies will be added, including Ether. The transparency of the cryptocurrency blockchain determines the value of cryptocurrencies, but at the same time this feature makes crypto assets vulnerable to the analysis of events in the blockchain, which allows one to identify specific users by linking information stored on the network.

BitMix.Biz uses prepared crypto coins and crypto wallets specially created for the purpose of mixing. This eliminates the need to wait for confirmation of many transactions when mixing coins. It is recommended that you use transaction delay to ensure maximum anonymity. If you do not choose to postpone the transaction, the mixing starts immediately, and this information can be used for tracking.

The choice of the transaction randomization option makes it difficult to track transactions many times. When using the service through with TOR, you get the highest level of anonymity and security, and in addition to this, after confirming all related transactions, BitMix.Biz deletes all transaction data from the system.

Bitcoin mixer BitMix.Biz allows you to change the level of collection for cleaning coins. The option is available both manually and automatically when choosing mixing variants. It provides the ability to change mixing fees from 0.4%. This greatly complicates the analysis of the blockchain to identify real people.

Service clients with their own projects can use BitMix.Biz to provide the ability to secure transactions for their customers. To do this, simply insert the API key on your website, which will allow you to attract additional customers and earn more, along with an affiliate program.

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