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Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited aims to team-up with the London Stock Exchange Group; may transform markets overnight


A report published by Bloomberg over an hour ago states that an unanticipated bid amounting to $39 billion was placed by HK Stock Exchange. HKEX Chief Executive Charles Li is highly optimistic about this proposed deal, a merger which “will redefine global capital markets for decades”.

The LSEG is yet to provide a definitive comment pertaining to this issue. If this buy order goes through, the stock market may metamorphosize in a matter of days. Apparently, the Board of LSEG is taking into account the bid, and an answer shall be ready “in due course”.

Meanwhile, the Refinitiv deal may be hampered, but the LSEG remain focussed on seeing the acquisition through. China is looking to dominate the financial market, in an effort to bring down the value of the Dollar. This would undoubtedly boost Yuan’s price and help in economic recovery.

The latest move by China amidst the continuing trade war against the United States of America is well-executed. Taking into account that Donald Trump was once a greedy mogul [still is, most lawmakers by default are corrupt] he might resort to an angry rant via Twitter soon.

The London Metal Exchange is operated under the guidelines set by the HKEX. If the LSEG fails to take over Refinitv at the end, then the only option left will be siding with Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd.

In fact, the king coin may be affected if such a phenomenal merger occurs within the next few days. Even though Bitcoin is a digital asset, it has been swayed due to moves initiated by the USA, China, Russia, and other nations. The domino effect is in full swing, but who shall emerge at the zenith?

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