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Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Dhoni's two-week training begins, first photo surfaced


  • Former captain of Indian cricket team MS Dhoni will do duty in Kashmir till 15 August
  • Dhoni will have to do duty in both shifts day and night, he will remain in barracks along with other soldiers

Game desk. Former captain of the Indian team and honorary lieutenant colonel of the army, MS Dhoni has started his two-week training with the Indian Army in Kashmir. They are part of the 106 Para Territorial Army Battalion of the Parachute Regiment, which is part of the Victor Force. In the anti-terrorism unit of Kashmir, where Dhoni is stationed, he will do 15 days of duty and will also celebrate 15 August there itself. After the training started on Thursday, a photo of him went viral on social media, in which he was seen with his teammates. During this time there also appeared a bat in his hand.

The battalion of para commandos in which Dhoni has been posted is a composite troop unit. There are about 700 soldiers from every part of the country. These include soldiers of all regiments like Gorkha, Sikh, Rajput, Jat. Here Dhoni will have to do duty in both shifts day and night.

Live in barracks with soldiers

Dhoni officers will remain in the barracks with 50-60 soldiers in place of the mess. Dhoni himself wanted this. They would take a bath in a cubicle made for soldiers. Dhoni will get chicken three days a week in this battalion known for delicious butter chicken. Dhoni was awarded the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Army’s Territorial Army in 2011. On duty, they will have to carry luggage weighing 19 kg.

What will happen to Dhoni’s 19 kg weight?

Luggage Weight
3 magazines 5 kg
Uniform 3 kg
The shoes 2 kg
3 to 6 grenades 4 kg
Helmet 1 kg
bulletproof vest 4 kg

What will Dhoni do on duty

1. Patrol: In the Badami Bagh Cantt area of Srinagar, Dhoni will patrol a squad of 8-10 soldiers. He will be given a bulletproof jacket, an AK-47 rifle and 6 grenades. The purpose of this duty is to reconcile with people and gather intelligence from the area.

2. Guard duty: Dhoni will get the job of guarding the guard unit. This work will be done in two shifts of 4-4 hours. This is both day and night duty. Dhoni will have to get up at 4 in the morning on day duty. They will get relief from getting up early in the morning on night duty.

3. Post duty: They may have to stand in the bunker without blinking. This will happen three times in a 2–2 hour shift. This duty will test Dhoni’s patience. Standing quietly and constantly watching people come and go without moving is the most important job of this duty.

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