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How blockchain platform Moss aims to revamp carbon credit trading

Guest Post

The Amazon rainforest is a well-known, ancient jungle filled with unknown flora and fauna species, history, and one of the largest producers of oxygen in the world. Unfortunately, it is also being cut down, burned, and destroyed relentlessly. This not only threatens the extinction of all life in the area, but it also has massive repercussions for the entire planet. Now is the time for everyone to do their part and reverse this ship’s course before it is too late.

Doing so is often much easier said than done. The carbon credit industry is off-limits to most people and even the majority of corporations. That situation needs to change, and the MCO2 project is just one example of what can be achieved with innovative technology and the creation of a utility token. While some efforts are underway to save the Amazon rainforest, it is crucial to keep the much bigger picture in mind. Our planet needs many different conservation efforts if society wants to reverse the damage done by climate change.

What is Moss: Moss is the world’s largest carbon platform and the largest carbon credit tokenization project to date. It uses its MCO2 token to create a more efficient trading carbon credit and offset one's carbon footprint. As scientists predict a very bleak outlook for our planet in the next fifty years, there is no time to waste for those who want to take action.

Through Moss’s website and ecosystem, anyone can acquire carbon credits. For consumers and corporations, this means offsetting a carbon footprint through modern, digitized needs. As major companies have shown an interest in becoming carbon-neutral, it is evident that solutions like this will become of incredible importance. Moss is a young project launched in March of 2020, but it already managed to use its MCO2 token to jointly protect and preserve an area of approximately 1 million hectares of the Amazon rainforest through the sale of carbon credits.

This is only an example of what the Moss team hopes to achieve in the future. Several new initiatives will be added to the platform, as there is a lot of ground to cover. About MCO2 Token Moss; MCO2 token is the first truly global carbon credit token, which provides ease, global scale, transparency, liquidity, and security for carbon footprint compensation. It was launched earlier in 2020, and it is currently trading, since August 2020, on the FlowBTC crypto exchange.

This makes the utility token more accessible to Brazilian users. When new initiatives are launched, the token will be made accessible to users worldwide with the help of select partners. Furthermore, several highest credibility companies have proven the token’s legitimacy, including Perkins Coie and CertiK, while several others, such as EY and Armanino, are conducting their own audits right now. Tokenizing carbon credits increases the security of carbon credit transactions, as well as their traceability. Thanks to blockchain technology’s properties – such as immutability, transparency, and security -,assets such as digital carbon credits can be integrated with new and innovative ways.

The token developers made their cryptocurrency with a very simple structure, which was done on purpose. That way, the token can be used as a building block for other tokens and smart contracts or even create new carbon credits apps. Moreover, this affirms it is a utility token rather than a more traditional cryptocurrency.

Who is the Token for: With the initiative to save the world from pollution and global warming, reducing the carbon footprint has become one of the major goals for preserving the environment. Each token equals 1 carbon credit from VCS-certified environmental projects, such as energy, forestry, biomass, and alike. Global companies, either in the technology sector or otherwise, have indicated their desire to become carbon-neutral by 2030 or earlier. That is much easier said than done, as the carbon credit industry is analog, lacks transparency and security, and is not accessible by the broader public.

The Apples and Shells of the world want to take the next step toward achieving this goal. Moss offers the platform to do so. A digitized industry that is a crucial part of the global economy was needed to allow passionate people to make a positive mark on this segment. Thanks to Moss’ success, the company can sell carbon credits to accommodate the increasing demand from these companies, among others.

Everyone who becomes part of this global initiative will indirectly help conserve forested land. In this initial stage, the focus lies on the Amazon rainforest. However, more projects will be supported soon. The team has secured permission to tokenize 20% of the global carbon contracts in the next four years. This leaves ample room for growth and new initiatives.

Thanks to these partnerships and deals, Moss has become the world’s biggest carbon credit platform today. It is 20 times bigger than competitors and will keep increasing its lead through its innovation-first and digital approach. The MCO2 token helps the world to use blockchain technology for a real-world purpose. A crucial step on the path to changing the world as we know it before it is too late.

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