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How blockchain technology improves video gaming?

Press Release

Since blockchain technology entered our life, it gets more adoption by the business world. There are more powerful individuals and more industries admit its huge effect and start using all the wide range of opportunities of blockchain in their business.

With such global adoption, the connection of blockchain and gaming seems the same perfect combination as coffee with milk. This is the fact that blockchain technology is already used in the gaming industry and different companies are searching for new ways to connect both industries together. But the important question is will blockchain set up a new direction in the gaming industry? How does it impact gaming and how big is its influence on the whole industry? We will analyze it in this article.

There are various essential advantages that blockchain can bring in the game industries, we will analyze the main of them that made more game developers choose blockchain technology.

1. Cryptocurrency can improve in-game purchases and make them much easier.

This is the benefit that attracts both players and game developers. Players, paying with cryptocurrencies, will not need to wait for 3d party providers to process the FIAT transaction – they will make it INSTANTLY with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The developers, at the same time, get all the payments much faster and also avoid the harmful risk of 3d party’s mistakes or bank account problems.

Also, what is very important, the players save money on fees that are charged by payment providers and get more guarantee that their money will go to game developers they send to.

The other, but the really attractive advantage is in the secure possibility to buy and sell in-game assets.If you develop your game on blockchain and allow players to buy and sell in-game assets using digital currencies, they have enough secured means to do those transactions.

Also, blockchain enables open communication between players and developers. This is possible because developments in blockchain apps are driven by a community consensus and not top-down. It means that any player or another developer can come up with a great idea to improve the game and with the agreement of the community the enhancements will be made.

2. Blockchain provides a safe and secure environment for game developers

If you build your gaming platform on blockchain technology, you get a much more secure environment than the traditional platform. Blockchain has a highly powerful data encryption technology like the private key-public key to secure crypto token transactions. With such technology it makes it impossible to hack these data encryption techniques.

Blockchain technology protects gaming servers from hack activity. The huckers will not be able to destroy the gaming network because the information is not held in one server that is possible to destroy. Nodes maintain the distributed databases in a shared manner and each node has complete information in the database. The same time, hackers can’t modify or delete the existing transactions, also as they can’t organise DDoS attacks on blockchain-powered networks. Blockchain consensus algorithm keeps the network secure from such activities.

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