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How to apply martingale with Bitcoin{BTC}

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What is Martingale?

The Martingale method bears the same name as the author, an American mathematician recognized for his extensive experience in probability. This methodology is considered extremely simple and consists of betting several times in a row on the same team and doubling the amount bet until winning. Thus, when you win you will recover the stake and still profit from your bets. But it is important to understand more about the technique and to bet in the long run for Martingale to be effective.

How does the Martingale technique work?

You can bet on your favorite sports and events for only $ 2.

Here’s how simple: Just make your first bet with odds above @ 2.00 and cheer. Then just follow each moment of the event. If the betting team gets the best is just joy! You just invoiced with your bet. But if the bet is unsuccessful, this is where the technique comes into play. You will continue to bet on the same team. The difference is that your next bet will adjust the stake, as the goal is to recover the stake initially and profit from the new bet.

Already the calculated value of the new bet is super simple: twice the money initially bet (non-winning bet).

That is, let’s say you start with $ 2. If the bet does not turn, you bet again on the same team for $ 4. If not, with $ 8 and so on.

Martingale Betting

Because it is not a complex methodology, you do not need to be experienced in sports betting. Just knowing in any market to bet and being willing to make long-term gains – after all this is the main goal of the methodology.

Then is to continue betting on the same market, keep track of the results and, if you lose, keep betting (always, of course, very moderately). And when you win, you will recover the money you bet and still make a profit.

Earn Bitcoins by applying Martingale

The best way to earn Bitcoins is by playing your favorite games and betting on what you like best. Once you make a deposit with Bitcoin, you can play and bet on anything you want.

Therefore, after depositing your Bitcoins, simply apply Martingale technique to your favorite bets, whether at Poker, Casino, Sports or any other.

For this, you can use Bodog. The bookmaker that accepts Bitcoin deposits and offers bonuses for those who choose cryptocurrency. Plus, it has a huge menu of options for every type of player and gambler. From over 30 sports to bet, Poker to play, Casino Slots, Video Bingo, Virtual Games and more.

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