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Huge XRP Donation from Ripple!

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Crypto world of money is one of the companies in which it invests, the company behind the Xpring that the ripple putting the Xpring number three, made a donation in XRP enormous Coil.

Coil also operates as a micropayment platform for content producers. This huge donation is expected to put the company among the largest coins in terms of market value.

With a donation of approximately $ 3 million, Coil aims to develop business models. In developing these business models, Coil will attempt to monetize content using Ripple’s Interledger Protocol, which provides imaging services for micropayments.

Ethan Bears, Xpring’s vice president, Ethan Bears, said that the major benefits of this move are too big companies, especially those that carry out the collection and sale of user data and also advertise on Xpring’s platform, emphasizing that the existing monetarization models do not function very appropriately. will provide.

Coil’s primary goals are to make it easier for promoters of video producers and content producers for newspapers and websites.

Although Ripple made several moves during the year, these moves were criticized that the company did not benefit the investor and that the company provided him with great benefit.

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