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Hundreds of billions of dollars worth Mega-partnership with TRON


Justin Sun promises to announce a mega-important partnership next week. Some users who estimate the partnership believes that TRON is partnering with Samsung.

Society believes Samsung is TRON’s new partner

Justin Sun- the CEO of TRON, has remained true to his previous statements and has made a new announcement. Recently, however, he changed his marketing tactics and asked Twitter followers to guess which company the new partnership would be with this time. In his latest tweet, Justin Sun promises that TRON will partner with a mega-corporation worth hundreds of billions of dollars next week.

Justin Sun, as we have reported before, answered a fan’s question and said that a very important TRON partnership to be announced at the end of October. At that time, many assumed that the new partner would be the South Korean electronics giant Samsung. Now, some TRON supporters and investors, including BeatzCoin CCO- Misha Lederman, believe that ‘the hundreds of billions of dollars of megacorporation’ is Samsung.

Chinese believes that Blockchain should be good for TRON and Binance

On Thursday (October 25th),  China’s Communist Party Chairman- Xi Jinping said that China should take advantage of all the opportunities that Blockchain technology can provide. Many Chinese DLT companies- including the Binance stock exchange from Hong Kong to Malta – have moved as far away from China as they are interested in Blockchain but hate crypto coins. Now, Binance’s CEO- Changpeng Zhao hopes the situation will change and perhaps believes that Binance will benefit from the Chinese government.

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