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"I am being threatened by losing R $ 1 million in the brokerage that Ronaldinho advertises"


Ronaldinho Gaúcho joined the suspicious company (Photo: Disclosure)

“This LBLV is killing families; ending dreams ”. The outburst comes from Eudes de Oliveira, an electrical technician living in São Paulo, over a default of more than R $ 1 million that he took from the investment company LBLV, whose poster boy is the former soccer player Ronaldinho Gaúcho.

Eudes talked to Bitcoin Portal and reported what has been going on since last year when his withdrawal requests were denied. Of the US $ 272,171.90, Eudes managed to withdraw only US $ 98,795.00.

"I just didn't have any more losses because I didn't do everything they wanted," he said. According to Eudes, some operations they offered were to mislead you.

But what is the LBLV? As described on its website, it is a company that offers investments in shares in the forex market with the assistance of specialists. "Invest with the best," says the call.

The company has been banned by the CVM from attracting customers in Brazil for about a year. Eudes, however, had already made his first investments before the regulator's warning and also the linking of Ronaldinho's image.

Invested money from friends

In May of last year, the investment by the electrical engineer in LBLV was already US $ 270 thousand (today, approximately R $ 1.5 million).

According to him, most of the money was raised from friends, which was not a good idea, because for them, Eudes owes about R $ 1 million (US $ 190 thousand).

“I am being threatened, coerced, humiliated, and everything you can imagine”, he said.

Ronaldinho Gaúcho has no problem publicizing the company, whose headquarters are in Mahe, in the Seychelles archipelago, in East Africa.

A recent publication by the ex-star of the Selection suggests that the LBLV continues to act even after the CVM's order. In February of this year on Instagram, Ronaldinho shared a promotional video for the company that says: "We will train you to win".

And the case of Eudes is practically the same as so many others to whom Bitcoin Portal had knowledge. Some brand the hit company; others say that the player's image influenced decision making.

First investment in LBLV

According to the report, Eudes got to know the LBLV in September 2018 through a friend. According to him, the friend said that he was investing in forex and was making profits through indications from a person named Rogério Brandão – and who said he was in Australia.

“At first I was wondering why we had to make deposits in accounts here in Brazil, in the state of Pernambuco. I asked Mr. Rogério about this and he convinced me by A + B that I deposited 2,700 dollars at the time ”, he said.

According to him, Brandão convinced him to invest in opening the market, in Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Alibaba – and that he could also soon earn up to 300% of the capital with the arrival of Uber's Initial Public Offering (IPO).

"Up to 80% per month with his help," he said.

The LBLV default

As he reported, the withdrawal problems started between June and July last year. The reason, he said, is that Brandão claimed that there was no margin for withdrawal and that he needed to make more deposits in order to release more contracts to make profits.

It was then that Eudes saw that something was wrong. He was already used to operating in the market – including the HugosWay and JAFX platforms, where he used to make daily withdrawals if he wanted to.

For this reason, today he believes that he operated on a “demo account” and that the figures shown on the platform are purely fictitious.

– Without being able to change the account, the money started to evaporate. There are reports that the ‘experts’ will not let them put a stop loss on and the fund will dissolve. At this point the investor can no longer get ‘support’, unless he has more money.

Image: Disclosure

With money still in the account, but without having released withdrawals, Eudes then went to the police, still in September of that year, and registered a police report (BO).

With the CNPJ information of the account that received the deposits for the LBLV, the police identified the company ‘Imobiliária Rabelo Imóveis’.

According to the BO, signed by delegate Daniel Bruno F. Colombini, the owner of the company denied that he had knowledge of such an account in his name.

The report consulted the same CNPJ informed in the B.O., on the IRS website. Today the company is listed as ‘Rabelo Collection Activities and Eireli Registration’, with the trade name ‘Pague Fácil’.

A case was then opened and is pending at the São Paulo Court of Justice.

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