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"I have no bitcoin and I will never have a cryptocurrency," says Warren Buffett


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In a new interview with CNBC, Warren Buffett again showed an anti-cryptocurrency stance, despite having received a bitcoin as a gift during a dinner with Tron's CEO, Justin Sun.

The billionaire reiterated his position that bitcoin has no intrinsic value and made it clear that he would never have one. Buffett insisted that Bitcoin serves no real purpose, which is why it has not achieved conventional use.

The discussion centered on Buffett's dinner with Justin Sun, who paid more than $ 4 million as part of a charity auction. Buffett noted that Sun and his other guests behaved very well, and the conversation was respectful, but said that the founder of Tron was unable to change his mind on this matter.

During the interview, Warren Buffett makes several references demonstrating that he understands blockchain technology. He clearly understands the idea behind the digital book, as well as the fixed supply of Bitcoins.

What Buffett did with the bitcoin he received as a gift

When CNBC reporter Becky Quick pointed out to Buffett that Justin Sun had given him a bit of BTC and asked what it was like to “be a Bitcoiner”, he replied that he didn't own any Bitcoin – which caused a storm on the internet, with people thinking that Sun had lied.

After the interview, the 89-year-old billionaire confirmed that he received the cryptocurrency on a Samsung Galaxy from Justin Sun. However, he gave the phone with BTC and TRX directly to the charity GLIDE Foundation.

As the $ 4.6 million paid for dinner went to GLIDE, he thought it was only fair that bitcoin also went there.

On Twitter, Justin Sun shared the wallet address he gave Warren Buffett and said the bitcoins have not yet been moved.

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