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IBM supercomputer conducts testing for coronavirus cure


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Two projects have recently been announced focused on helping to cure Covid-19. While an initiative by Stanford University (USA) seeks volunteers for its shared computer network, an IBM supercomputer runs tests to help cure the disease caused by the coronavirus.

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For that, the IBM supercomputer, which is based on Artificial Intelligence, has already carried out thousands of simulations to analyze which chemical compounds could stop the new coronavirus.

Named ‘IBM AC922 Summit’ and powered by thousands of NVIDIA and IBM GPUs, the supercomputer has already identified 77 compounds that could disarm the causer of Covid-19.

The Summit even became an ally of actions against the United States Department of Energy (DOE) coronavirus. The entity recently decided to make its exclusive research facilities available to the scientific community.

As published by the DOE on Wednesday (18), scientists need to know exactly how the new virus is constructed, how it infects cells and what drugs it may be vulnerable to.

According to a note from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which is supported by the American state-owned company, the researchers conducted simulations at the Summit of more than 8,000 chemical compounds to track what would best fight the coronavirus.

The world against coronavirus

Two weeks ago, an initiative by the Department of Chemistry at Standford called ‘(email protected)’Announced the creation of an open and shared network for‘ citizen scientists ’volunteers from around the world.

The information in this data is helping scientists better understand biology and providing new opportunities for the development of therapies. The network connects thousands of machines and forms a virtual supercomputer.

The project seeks volunteers who want to help with their computational power to simulate the dynamics of COVID-19 proteins.

According to Dr. Greg Bowman, leader of (email protected), the platform already has more than 400,000 users, Forbes reported. The goal, 1 million users on a network similar to that of bitcoin miners.

Bowman even got excited about Twitter. He boasted that the network (email protected) has surpassed the computational power of the Summit.

“We cannot guarantee what the results will be, but it is an interesting opportunity”, commented.

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