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If Bitcoin Starts To Be Used by Everyone, Where Does Its Price Go?

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The question in this topic is, in fact, a very important issue for people who are interested in the cryptocurrency sector from the edge. Almost everyone is commenting on bitcoin as the currency of the future or digital gold, while the leader is trying to predict where the price will go in the cryptocurrency if such a scenario occurs.

Such a question was also an important point for the late cryptocurrency developer Hal Finney, who was the most active in the process of setting up and building Bitcoin. Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakomoto, who recently passed away, first transferred Bitcoin, made an e-mail about 10 years ago.

According to this text, which is currently available on platforms such as Twitter and Reddit, Finney has inferred that if Bitcoin is accepted by all, the price of the leading cryptocurrency will be $10 million.

Of course, Finney calculated in this scenario that Bitcoin would become the dominant cryptocurrency in the world and that almost all assets would be transferred here.

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