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Imprisonment: In 3 months of reaching prison, the weight of the accused increased by 30 kg


  • Out of 2300 inmates lodged in Udaipur division’s jails, about 200 were searched.
  • Up to 80% of the prisoners have already gained weight by 30 kg
  • The reason for this is not to work hard and exercise other than regular eating of the fixed calories found in the jail

Rajsamand (Narpatnath Chauhan / Udayagopal). Capture food! Perhaps the convict-inmates are getting a lot of attention. That is only a few months after reaching the jail, the weight of the prisoners increased from 20 to 30 kg. This shocking truth came to light when Bhaskar scrutinized the figures of prisoners held in jails. On the other hand, not only the victims’ families, but also the families of these prisoners are getting painfully low.

If the victims are forced to visit the court-police, then the families of these prisoners are also suffering from their crime. Out of 2300 prisoners lodged in the prisons of Udaipur division, figures of about 200 were scrutinized, it was revealed that up to 80% weight has already increased to 30 kg. In addition to regular eating of the fixed calories found in prison, there is a big reason for not working and exercising.

During the investigation, it was revealed that there is a provision for honorarium to the convicted criminals of rigorous imprisonment in lieu of manual labor but they have not been forced to work for the last few years. The undertrials also do not work in jail. Excessive capacity does not even provide for the system of exercise. Habitual drug addicts do not get enough food outside, but such prisoners are getting heartened by getting enough calories on arrival in jail.

Understand from four cases … nutritious food on one side, stumbling ‘food’ on the other side

Case 1: Shambhu 55 accused in Afrajul murder case 85 kg Rajnagar Reger Mohalla resident Shambhunath Reger On December 6, 2017, the construction worker of Bengal, the construction labor contractor Afrajul, was brutally assaulted and then burnt alive with petrol. Making the live video of the murder case went viral. The case also took religious color. Shambhu was arrested by the police on 7 December 2017 when the weight was 55 kg. Now Shambhunath weighs 85 kg in Jodhpur Central Jail. This is the pain of the victims – the wife died, lost love with children to Afrajul’s family in Rajasthan and Pt. The Bengal government provided financial assistance. But the family was shattered. The wife went to Pihar. Mother’s love for children was lost. The image of Shambhunath’s killer is also having an impact on his family.

Case 2: Murder accused Durgashankar gained 10 kg in 2 months, Durgashankar Bhil, resident of Srinath Colony Nathdwara, came to jail on May 1 on the charge of killing his own brother Devi Lal. Then its weight was 55 kg, which has now increased to 65 kg. Durgashankar strangled his elder brother Devi Lal on 26 April. Devi Lal’s body was found in the in-laws’ farm in Tezpuria near Badarada. The plight of the victims – the wife is happy with the grain, the children of Devi Lal work their children . Bhil lives in Tarpaul in Magri. Grain is irritating. Son Deepak and daughter Uma are employed by Nana Ramesh. The condition of Durgashankar’s family is also similar.

Case 3: Aslam accused in murder of 45 to 60 kg in Aslam jail in a month and a half , Aslam of assassination of Sant Dinesh Giri during theft on June 11, reached jail a month and a half ago. Weight was 45 kg, now 60 kg.

Case 4: Three months ago, Vijay Singh was 55 kg, now in jail, he turned 62, Vijay Singh of Simhar came to jail in the theft case 3 months ago. Weight was 55 kg, which is now 62 kg. Since going to jail, the financial condition of Vijay’s family members has deteriorated.

This daily diet plan for prison inmates : flour: 550 grams green vegetable: 200 grams lentils: 60 grams spices: 15 grams milk: 50 grams oil: 20 grams sugar: 40 grams tea: 4 grams salt: 20 grams Nasta: daily 60 grams (sweet porridge, khichdi, soaked gram, poha)

21 thousand prisoners in state jails at this time

Total jail 128
Undertrials 15238
Convicted prisoner 5869

The prisoners are given food according to the prison diet. Due to the small prison, the prisoners can neither move nor do manual labor. In such a situation, weight gain can occur -Jaswant Singh, Jailer Rajsamand

Due to lack of space in the jails, the physical work of the prisoners is not possible, this may be the reason for their weight gain. Rajsamand is imprisoned more than three times in prison. -Narendrakumar, ADJ, Secretary District Legal Services Authority


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