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Imran admits – 40 terror organizations active in Pakistan, but never told the truth to America


  • Imran said – when America wanted us to fight against terror, then we were saving our own existence
  • He said that for a long time, the fine image of Pakistan was not present.

Washington. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that his predecessor governments have never told the truth to terror on the issue of terror. Especially in the last 15 years Imran was speaking Tuesday on the reception held by Capitol Hill on behalf of American MP Sheila Jackson Lee. He said that at one time 40 different terrorist outfits were operating in Pakistan. But we did not give the information to the US.

‘East Pakistan Governments Hid Truth From America’

  1. Imran said, “We were fighting America’s fight against terror. Pakistan has nothing to do with 9/11 Al-Qaeda was also in Afghanistan. There were no Taliban terrorists in Pakistan. Unfortunately, when things went wrong, when I made allegations against the government of the country, the Pakistan government did not tell the USA what is happening on our land.

  2. “At one time 40 militant outfits were operating from Pak’s land. That is, we were going through such times when we were most afraid that we would probably not be able to escape. When America was hoping that we would help more in its fight, at that time Pak itself was in the fight for its existence. ”

  3. Imran said, “It was extremely important to meet my American President and other big leaders. We have told them that for the future our relationships should be based on mutual trust. It was tragic that there was a shortage of trust between the two countries. ”

  4. ‘Solution to Afghanistan issue’

    “In Afghanistan, we have played an important role in bringing the Taliban to the stage of talks. It will be extremely difficult. But the whole Pak is with us. The goal of ours and America is the same. The solution to this problem is a peaceful Afghanistan. ”

  5. Imran met the Speaker of House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi on Capitol Hill on Tuesday just before finishing a three-day tour. Earlier, he attended the meeting with Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo. On both occasions Imran emphasized on improving the relations of Pak-America. He said that the right image of Pakistan was never present in front of US leaders.

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