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Imran Khan said: "Surprised by India's reaction to Trump's statement on Kashmir


  • Trump talked about intervening Kashmir issue in talks with Imran
  • India rejected this statement of Trump, said, “Modi never said that
  • American MPs apologized for this statement of Trump, calling Kashmir a bilateral issue

Islamabad. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has responded to the reaction of India on Trump’s claim. Imran Khan tweeted: It is astonished by the way India reacted on Trump’s arbitration statement on the Kashmir issue. For 70 years Kashmir has been hostage. Generations of generations have been paying before. They are suffering everyday. This struggle needs to be resolved.

Earlier, there was a ruckus in both the Houses of Parliament. After the discussion, the opposition asked the Prime Minister to answer the issue. On behalf of the Government, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar said: Prime Minister Modi has never asked Trump to play the role of arbitrator on Kashmir issue.

I would be happy to be an arbitrator – Trump

Actually, Trump had said in an interview with Imran Khan yesterday- I was with Prime Minister Narendra Modi two weeks ago. We have a discussion on this issue. They asked me if you would like to mediate on this issue. I asked- Where? He said Kashmir. I was surprised This issue has been running for a long time.

I think they want the solution, you want the solution and if I can help, I will be happy to mediate. Two very glorious countries, who have very smart leadership. They have not been able to resolve this issue for so many years. If you want me to mediate, then I will do it.

I will do everything for peace process: Imran

Imran Khan said in another tweet- I want to assure President Trump that he will do everything in pursuing peace process in Pakistan, Afghanistan. The whole world wants that the ongoing struggle for the last four decades has ended. Peace can be established in the region.

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