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Indian Honoured with ‘Star of Jerusalem’- the highest honour of Palastine awarded to a Foreign Nationals!

Jerusalem: Palestine President Mohamed Abbas has honored Indian citizen Sheikh Mohammed Munir Ansari with ‘Star of Jerusalem’. The ‘Star of Jerusalem’ is the highest honor given by the Palestine authorities to foreign nationals.

At a function, President Abbas thanked Ansari for the services given to Palestine and Jerusalem.

The President of Palestine said that the presence of Ansari’s family in the old city of Jerusalem reflects strong traditional relations between Indians and Palestinian people.

Ansari is the director of Indian Hospice (Indian Ashram) here, who has been a symbol of India’s heritage for the last 800 years and his presence in the old city of Jerusalem.

People with severe diseases are being looked after in Indian Hospice. His father Sheikh Nazir was the first Sheikh appointed to Hassan Ansari Hospital.

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